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Modling Bronze for Mullins

Senior Men’s Epee – Doha Grand Prix

Two British fencers took part in the first epee Grand Prix of the season and were part of the field of one hundred and eighty-four.  Philip Marsh (V3D3) and Nick Perry (V5D1) both made the first round cut and whilst Perry progressed through the first of a two-stage preliminary knockout with a bye Marsh defeated Kneip (GER) 15-13.  In the second preliminary, Marsh progressed 15-9 against Alimzhanov (KAZ) but Perry was unlucky to draw Taglioriol (ITA) and went out 15-6.  In the round of 64 Gustin (FRA) was too strong for Marsh and the Frenchman went through 15-6. 

Vadim Anokhin (RUS) won the event beating Fabian Kauter (SUI) 15-10 in the final.  Yannick Borel (FRA) and Bas Verwiljen (NED) picked up the bronze medals.

GB individual placing:  Marsh 62nd & Perry 66th=.

Full individual results here.

Senior Women’s Epee – Doha Grand Prix

A field of one hundred and fifty-seven fencers at this event included five from Great Britain.  Only Mary Cohen (V3D3) made the first round cut as Stella Lancey (V1D5), Abbi Matthews (V1D5), Jessica Osbaldeston (V0D6) and Katrina Smith (V1D4) failed to make the elimination stages.  Cohen went on to beat Buech (SUI) 15-11 in the first of two preliminary knockout fights but then lost 15-11 to Shemyakina (UKR).

Mara Navarria (ITA) beat Britta Heindemann (GER) 15-12 in the final to take the title with Tatiana Logunova (RUS) and Yana Zvereva (RUS) settling for the bronze medals.

GB placings:  Cohen 92nd, Smith 132nd, Matthews 138th, Lancey 147th and Osbaldeston 151st.

Full individual results here.

Under-23 Women’s Epee – Modling

Philippa Mullins was Great Britain’s sole representative in Austria at the weekend in a field of thirty-six.  She won three of her five first round matches which was enough to make the cut.  She then beat Tiraferri (ITA) 15-3, Kleinberger (GER) 15-11 and Cellerova (SVK) 15-12 to make the semi-finals.  She had to settle for bronze as Dora Lupkovics (HUN) beat her 15-4.  The Hungarian went on to take the title, beating Kim Weiss (AUT) 15-4 in the final.  Mullins shared the bronze medal spot on the podium with Luisa Montalto Montella (ITA).

GB placings:  Mullins 3rd.

Full individual results here.

Junior Men’s Sabre – Dormagen

Nine British fencers formed part of the field of one hundred and sixty-eight at this nominated event in Germany.  George Burton (V3D3), Simon Dacey (V4D2), William Deary (V5D1), Nicholas Howes (V2D4), Joshua Maxwell (V5D1), Samuel Rooney (V2D4), Raphael Van Hoffelen (V5D1) and JJ Webb (V4D2) all progressed through the first round but Jamie Craze (V1D5) failed to make the cut.  In the round on 128, Burton beat Kirpichou (BLR) 15-13, Deary defeated Cai (USA) 15-11, Maxwell squeezed past Szlama (HUN) 15-14 and Van Hoffelen knocked out Cohen (USA) 15-12 but Roser (ESP) beat Dacey 15-7, Cavaliere (ITA) took out Howes 15-10, Voronov (ISR) defeated Rooney 15-9 and Knez (POL) edged out Webb 15-12.  Only Deary could progress any further beating Sauer (GER) 15-10 as Yakovenko (RUS) beat Burton 15-8, Krause (GER) defeated Maxwell 15-8 and Bak (USA) knocked out Van Hoffelen 15-8.  In the round of 32 Deary beat Gladkov (RUS) 15-14 but then lost 15-11 to Leonardo Dreossi (ITA).

The Italian went on to win the tournament, beating Kostiantyn Voronov (RUS) 15-12 in the final.  Dario Cavaliere (ITA) and Artsiom Novikau (BLR) picked up the bronze medals.

GB placings:  Deary 9th, Van Hoffelen 38th, Maxwell 40th, Burton 63rd, Webb 71st, Dacey 75th, Howes 118th, Rooney 122nd & Craze 137th.  

Full individual results here.

Junior Women’s Sabre – Dormagen

The field of one hundred and thirty-two in the women’s nominated event included nine from Great Britain.  Maria Chart (V3D3), Kate Daykin (V2D4), Sarah-Jane Hampson (V5D1) and Caitlin Maxwell (V4D2) all progressed through the first round but Shreya Anil (V0D6), Jenna Bray (V0D6), Jessica Corby (V1D5), Daisy Hutton (V0D6) and Ella Nightingale (V0D6) did not.  Only Daykin and Maxwell could make it any further as they beat Hampson 15-12 and Trompeta (GER) 15-8, respectively, in the round of 128.  Maxwell was the only British fencer to make the round of 32, beating Roth (GER) 15-11 as Gans (FRA) defeated Daykin in the 64.  Maxwell was unable to make it any further as she fell 15-11 to Kostina (RUS).

Sofia Pozdniakova (RUS) won the individual event, beating Lucia Lucarini (ITA) 15-12 in the gold medal match.  Tania Arrayales (MEX) and Rebecca Gargano (ITA) picked up the bronze medals.

Chart, Corby, Daykin and Maxwell lined up for Great Britain in the team event and beat Egypt in the round of 16 before losing to France 45-18 in the quarterfinals.  They went on to lose 45-21 to Hungary before beating the USA 45-40 to finish seventh.

GB placings:  Maxwell 9th, Daykin 63rd, Hampson 67th, Chart 92nd, Corby 107th, Anil 123rd, Bray 129th, Hutton 130th= & Nightingale 130th=.

Full individual results here.

Full team results here.

Cadet Men’s Foil – Cabries

There were fifteen British entries in the field of two hundred and nineteen in the men’s foil event.  Ben Attias, Sebastian Sacchi Wilson and Dan Summerfield did not make it out of the poules and Connor Head, Isaac Jolley, Alexander Jones, James Page and Aidan Woolley did not make it past the round of 256.  Matthew Abrahams, Douglas Ashby, Dominic De Almeida, Felix Fardell, Finlay McAndrew, Sebastian Monnet and Sebastian Pallier all fell in the round of 128.

Kirill Borodachev (RUS) beat his teammate Bogdan Barmakov 15-4 in a one-sided final.  Rafael Savin and Come Valentin picked up the bronze medals for France.

GB placings:  De Almedia 67th, Abrahams 82nd, Pallier 97th, McAndrew 111th, Ashby 120th, Fardell 126th, Monney 128th, Head 130th, Page 140th, Woolley 145th, Jones 166th, Jolley 173rd, Attias 191st, Summerfield 192nd & Sacchi Wilson 216th.

Full individual results here.

Cadet Women’s Foil – Cabries

Fourteen British fencers took part in the women’s event in France in a field of one hundred and seventy-one.  Emily Beardmore, Mirren Black, Madeleine Brown, Kayleigh De Lange, Phoebe Newton-Hughes and Jasmine Porter did not make the first round cut but the remaining British fencers did and all progressed through the incomplete 256 with either byes or victories.  Charlotte Fairman, Amy Home, Phoebe Hughes, Mhairi McLaughlin and Rachel Shaw all fell in the round of 128.  In the round of 64, Yasmin Campbell beat Tempesta (ITA) 15-14 but Ueno (JPN) saw off Alice Campbell 15-5 and Berthier (SIN) beat Isabella Gill 15-7.  Yasmin Campbell could not make it past the round of 32, losing 15-7 to Maina (ITA).

Lara Bertola (ITA) beat Ann Udovichecko (RUS) 13-12 in a tight final as Serena Puglia (ITA) and Yuk Ueno (JPN) went home with the bronze medals.

GB placings:  Y. Campbell 28th, Gill 53rd, A. Campbell 59th, McLaughlin 103rd, Hughes 104th, Shaw 112th, Fairman 124th, Home 128th, Brown 140th, De Lange 143rd=, Newton-Hughes 143rd=, Porter 154th, Beardmore 164th and Black 165th=.

Full individual results here.

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