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Lyon World Cup Bronze for Fihosy

Senior Men’s Sabre – Boston Grand Prix

Nine British fencers took part in the first sabre Grand Prix of the season and were part of the field of one hundred and fifty-nine.  Alex Crutchett (V4D2), Will Deary (V2D4), James Honeybone (V3D3), Noah Rogerson (V2D4) and Kirk Slankard (V2D3) made the first round cut but Soji Aiyenuro (V1D5), Harry Boteler (V1D5), Curtis Miller (V1D5) and JJ Webb (V2D4) did not.  In the first of two preliminary elimination fights Costin (USA) defeated Deary 15-13, Vu (VIE) beat Rogerson 15-11, Apithy (FRA) knocked out Slankard 15-7 but Crutchett progressed with a bye and Honeybone beat Sieradzky (USA) 15-12.  Neither Crutchett nor Honeybone made the second day as they lost 15-8 to Oh (KOR) and 15-7 to Kim (KOR), respectively, in the second preliminary.

Aldo Montano (ITA) won the event beating Aron Szialgyi (HUN) 15-12 in the final.  Tiberiu Dolniceanu (ROU) and Benedikt Wagner (GER) picked up the bronze medals.

GB individual placing:  Crutchett 80th, Honeybone 85th, Slankard 113th, Rogerson 114th, Deary 119th=, Webb 128th, Miller 140th, Aiyenuro 142nd & Boteler 148th.

Full individual results here.

Senior Women’s Sabre – Boston Grand Prix

A field of one hundred and fifty-six fencers at this event included four from Great Britain.  Aliya Itzkowitz (V4D2) and Katherine Kempe (V5D1) made the first round cut but Maria Chart (V1D5) and Bridget Pleasant (V1D5) failed to make the elimination stages.  Kempe did enough to qualify directly to the round of 64 but was not joined by Itzkowitz who lost 15-8 to Pastran (VEN) in the second preliminary qualifier – having earned a bye through the first.  Day two of the event saw Kempe facing Komaschuck (UKR) to progress but she lost 15-10.

Chen Shen (CHN) won the event, beating Viktoriya Kovaleva (RUS) 15-10 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Sabina Mikina (AZE) and Sofya Velikaya (RUS).

GB placings:  Kempe 42nd, Itzkowitz 82nd, Pleasant 138th=, Chart 140th.

Full individual results here.

Senior Men’s Foil – Kocaeli Satellite

A relatively small field of thirty-seven at this event included three from Great Britain.  Matthew Billing (V2D3), Hussain Sadiq (V2D3) and David Standen (V2D4) all qualified through the first round but all lost their first direct elimination fights.  Dobiasch (AUT) beat Billing 15-10, Or (ISR) defeated Sadiq 15-0 and Babaoglu (TUR) knocked out Standen 15-6.

Rene Pranz (AUT) took the title beating Tomer Or (ISR) 15-6 in the gold medal match.  Martino Minuto (TUR) and Yaser Mohammad (FIE) picked up the bronze medals.

GB placings:  Sadiq 21st, Billing 25th & Standen 26th.

Full individual results here.

Senior Women’s Foil – Kocaeli Satellite

The field of thirty-six in the women’s event included two fencers from Great Britain.  Unfortunately Rachel Kwok (V1D4) and Beatrice Taylor (V0D5) did not make the first round cut.

Eleanor Harvey (CAN) won the event but beating Gabriella Hopka-Varga (HUN) 9-8 in a tight final.  Olga Leleyko (UKR) and Alexandra Senyuta (UKR) returned with the bronze medals.

GB placings:  Kwok 30th & Taylor 34th.

Full individual results here.

Under-23 Men’s Foil – Terassa

One hundred and nine fencers took part in this event including two from Great Britain.  Alex Lloyd (V4D2) and Glen Ostacchini (V2D4) both made the first round cut with Lloyd earning a bye through the first direct elimination fight.  Ostacchini fell 15-9 to Elice (FRA) in the round of 128 but Lloyd went on to beat Srebdolskyi (POL) 15-5 in the 64 before losing 15-14 to Saito (JPN).

In the final Carlos Llavador-Fernandez (ESP) beat Toshiya Saito (JPN) 15-13 to take the gold medal with Cedrik Serri (FRA) and Nikita Sokolov (RUS) finishing in the bronze medal positions.

GB placings:  Lloyd 27th & Ostacchini 71st.

Full individual results here.

Junior Men’s Foil – Terassa

There were nine British entries in the field of one hundred and thirty-three in this men’s junior foil event.  Ben Bates (V1D5), Jai Birch (V4D2), Stephen Brown (V4D2), Dominic De Almeida (V3D3), Daniel Kiss (V5D1), Alex Lloyd (V3D3), Kamal Minott (V3D3), Sebastian Pallier (V2D4) and Rajan Rai (V3D3) all made it through the first round and into the round of 128.  However, only Birch, Kiss, Lloyd and Rai progressed to the 64.  They all lost at that stage to Bianchi (ITA) 15-6, Charreu (POR) 15-4, Bakirov (RUS) 15-14 and Bicego (ITA) 15-7, respectively.

Tomasso Ciuti (ITA) won the event, beating Yoshiki Abe (JPN) 15-10 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Yudai Nagano (JPN) and Kenta Suzumura (JPN).

GB placings:  Kiss 38th, Birch 42, Lloyd 54th, Rai 60th, Brown 65th, Minott 79th, De Almeida 81st, Pallier 93rd & Bates 104th.

Full individual results here.

Junior Women’s Foil – Lyon

Eight British fencers took part in this women’s event in France in a field of ninety-seven.  Kate Beardmore (V4D2), Yvonne Chart (V4D2), Ayesha Fihosy (V5D1) and Katie Smith (V3D3) all made it through the first round but Seville Babaeva (V0D6), Amy Home (V1D5), Jade Rowland (V0D6) and Lucy Taylor (V0D6) did not.  The remaining British fencers all had byes through the incomplete round of 128 and Fihosy went on to beat Puglia (ITA) 15-5 whilst Smith beat Boldor (ROU) 15-11, in the round of 64.  Beardmore fell 15-10 to Kulaeva (RUS) and Chart went out 15-9 to Castaine (FRA) at that stage.  Smith was unable to progress past the 32, losing 15-8 to Kirsch (GER) but Fihosy went on to beat Bilodeau (CAN) 15-8, Lachman (POL) 15-8 and Ebert (FRA) 15-12 before just losing, 15-14, to Rossini (ITA) in the semi-finals.

Serena Rossini went on to take the silver medal, losing 15-10 to Marta Martyanova (RUS) in the final.  Fihosy shared the bronze medal place with Victoria Yusova (RUS).

GB placings:  Fihosy 3rd, Smith 28th, Beardmore 43rd, Chart 48th, Home 82nd, Rowland 91st, Taylor 95th & Babaeva 97th.

Full individual results here.

Cadet Men’s Epee – Copenhagen

Fifteen British fencers lined up in a field of one hundred an eighty-six.  All but Fergus McKendry and James Wake made it through the first round and Antoine Belot, Noah Cook, Matthew Dickinson, Connor Head, Dominic Paul and James Russell did enough to earn byes through the incomplete round of 256.  They were joined in the 128 by Benjamin Andrews, Liam Deneley, Will East, Robert MacLennan, George Morris and Joshua Wilcox, who all won their first knockout fights.  Billy Sheppard did not.  Only Andrews, Belot, MacLennan and Russell made the round of 64.  Belot and Russell fell at that stage and Andrews went out in the 32.  However MacLennan beat Cole (USA) 14-13 before losing to Balzano (ITA) 15-12 in the round of 16.

Marco Balzano went on to claim a bronze medal along with David Biro (ROU) as Nicolas Wilson (USA) took the gold medal beating Adam Masca (ROU) 15-14 in the final.

GB placings:   MacLennan 16th, Andrews 32nd, Belot 34th, Russell 57th, Head 69th, Dickinson 80th, Cook 82nd, Paul 106th=, Wilcox 111th, East 114th, Morriss 118th, Deneley 128th, Shepherd 138th, Wake 164th & McKendry 176th.

Full results here.

Cadet Women’s Epee – Copenhagen

There was a contingent of fourteen British fencers in the field of one hundred and forty-seven in the women’s event in Denmark.  Jacqueline Oien and Elena Palano did not make the first round cut and Larissa De Liederkerke, Jasmine Heaps, Rebecca Knowles, Avery Louis, Alexandra Powell and Abigail Watkins did not progress through the round of 128.  Rose Grimshaw was eliminated in the round of 64 and the remaining British fencers, Catherine Bishop, Douce De Boisgelen, Laura Sheffield, Charlotte Summers and Eliza Woodhouse did not progress through the round of 64.

Zsuzsa Schlier (ROU) won the event beating Karoliine Loit (EST) 12-8 in the final as Sandra Skoblov (EST) and Valentina Bos (NED) picked up the bronze medals.

GB placings: Woodhouse 20th, Sheffield 21st, Summers 28th, Bishop 30th, De Boisgelen 32nd, Grimshaw 37th, Powell 65th, Heaps 77th, Watkins 86th, Louis 95th, De Liederkerke 100th, Knowles 115th=, Oien 122nd & Palano 132nd.

Full results here.

Cadet Men’s Sabre – Eislingen

A massive field of two hundred and forty-three included fifteen from Great Britain and all of them progressed through the first round.  The size of the field meant a direct eliminate phase starting from 256 where Alexander Boote, Sam McLellan and Sam Rooney all went out.  Mark Alvares-Peres, Keiran Dowse, Barnaby Halliwell, Thomas Hamilton, Lucas Hateley, Noah Matricciani, Joe Pocknell and Henry Talbot failed to progress through their 128 fights and Jamie Craze, James Edwards, Bertie Holdsworth and Thomas Jackson ended British interest in the event by losing in the round of 64.

Vladislav Pozdnyakov (RUS) won the event by beating Yalin Sahin (TUR) 15-6 in the final.  Matteo Neri (ITA) and Artem Tselyshev (RUS) picked up the bronze medals.

GB placings:  Holdsworth 44th, Craze 51st, Edwards 59th, Jackson 63rd, Matricciani 67th, Hamilton 82nd, Pocknell 85th, Hateley 100th, Halliwell 115th, Alvares-Peres 119th, Dowse 124th, Talbot 125th, Rooney 131st, Boote 151st & McLellan 166th.

Full individual results here.

Cadet Women’s Sabre – Eislingen

Fourteen British fencers lined up in another big field of two hundred and twenty in the women’s event.  Only Jenna Bray, Caitlin Maxwell, Lizzie Moffat, Hannah O’Reilly, Sophia Potter and Ellen Robbins Wilkinson were able to survive a tough first round.  Bray and Maxwell did enough in the first round to earn byes through the round of 256 but none of the other remaining Brits were able to win their fights.  Bray and Maxwell both went out in the next round, 15-6 to Bugaevski (MDA) and 15-12 to Frose (GER), respectively.

Alina Mikhailova (RUS) took the title beating Esther Bentolila (USA) 15-14 in the final.  Bianca Kern and Liza Pusztai – both of Hungary – secured the bronze medals.

GB plancings:  Maxwell 74th, Bray 96th, Potter 138th, Moffatt 155th=, O’Reilly 155th=, Dunn 173rd=, M. Wood 181st, Fashokun 183rd, L. Wood 185th, Ware 190th, Rodda 193rd, Haslegrave 199th, Timmins 208th= & Robbins Wilkinson 212th.

Full individual results here.

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