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First draft of the all-new structured season competition planner is now available, providing key markers throughout the season for all age groups. 

The BF competition planner is intended to provide the outline of the structured season for all age groups – from U14s to Veterans. The purpose of the planner is to give further details to the community of the structure of the seasons for all age groups, with key dates and events shown in the months they are expected to take place.

Please note that this is a framework for planning – not a comprehensive list of every licensed competition (which can be found on the BF website) or every international event (which are published on the respective FIE/EFC websites).

This will enable Athletes, Coaches, Parents and Event Organisers an understanding of the expected structure of the season, allowing them to plan for the year ahead and beyond.  The 2021-24 Competition Planner can be found here:

Please note the related announcement about carryover ranking point percentage for the 2021-2022 season (click here).

The structured season will be referred to in the upcoming ranking scheme community events and also in the (not yet scheduled) selection policy discussion events.

Following the finalisation of BF ranking schemes and selection policies we hope to have additional clarity on international season structure. At this point we will be updating and re-publishing this structured season competition planner and host further online events for members to better understand how to use the planner.


Cadet and Junior Ranking Events (BRCs)

From 2021-2022, the Cadet and Junior Ranking Events (BRCs) have been split into two categories, ‘A’ and ‘B’.

‘A’ BRCs are ranking events that will be run directly by BF, including the Cadet and Junior National Championships. Their purpose is to provide fencers seeking GBR selection with the opportunity to demonstrate the “ability to perform on the day” under pressurised conditions. This ability is a key determinant in international success and an indicator in the British Fencing Performance Matrix. The ‘A’ events will have a higher multiplier that the ‘B’ events as they are targeted toward fencers that are looking to fence internationally and to achieve the qualification standards required for selection to the Cadet and Junior European and World Championships.

‘B BRCs’ are ranking events run by community event organisers and licenced by BF, in the periods displayed on the planner. The ‘B’ events will follow formats designed to provide greater ‘time on task’ – at this time the format is  two rounds of poules and then direct elimination. This format provides greater opportunity for fencers to develop techniques and tactics and the confidence to use these in ‘A’ BRCs and subsequently in international competition. This format also provides a greater development opportunity for those fencers new to the age group, who are looking to gain experience and progress to ‘A’ BRC events.

The intention is to have several ‘B’ events around the UK throughout the whole season, providing multiple accessible opportunities for fencers to compete. Furthermore athletes seeking GBR selection are not expected to attend every ‘B’ event.  The decision to attend a competition needs to be a choice made by the fencers, supported by their parents and coach. Fencers are encouraged to make the right choices for their development and circumstances – just because BF provides a competitive ranking or selection opportunity it does not mean that every eligible fencer should feel they must participate.

The first ‘B’ events will take place in July 2021, with more information including the entry process  coming soon.


More Information on Format (U17 & U20)

Please note that U17 & U20 ranking age group events will be expected to run the same format, two rounds of poules (of sizes 5-7) and all entries will be taken through the BF Membership platform.

The purpose of using two rounds of poules are :

  • Increases the levels of appropriate time on task, allowing for more active learning within a competition environment through layers of additional challenge.
  • Provides more time for athletes to learn to transition through the demands of the different age groups.
  • Improves the standard of mental and physical fitness levels, in readiness for International competitions.
  • To create a better overall experience and value from competitions for the fencer, especially if they are young or new to the age group.


More information

If you are an event organiser interested in running a ‘B’ BRC event from 2021 onwards, please complete an application form here.

If you have any questions around this post, please submit them to us via the form here and a member of the ADP team will come back to you.

Please note, the anticipated publication date of the restarted BF Ranking lists, proposed events, and restart of ranking competitions is subject to change, due to potential changes to the planned government roadmap, COVID restrictions and EFC/FIE announcements.


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