03/07/2020- Beginner Fencer


A fun series of videos, creative challenges and games to introduce fencing to young people.

#ITriedFencing is a new series of fun videos that introduce fencing to young people through games and creative challenges. The videos feature Ben Peggs, Rob Bruniges and Lucy Johnson and are aimed at young people who may have never tried fencing before.

Filmed during lockdown, the videos introduce the basic moves of fencing including On Guard, steps forward and back, and the lunge. Creative challenges are interspersed with the lessons, showing how to make a sword, lunging target pad and swing-ball from items in the home.

The series uses the ‘fun’ model of engagement, with games including a dance challenge and lunging competition. The set of eight videos culminates in a pendulum challenge presented by Ben Peggs where all the moves and equipment are brought together.


The Videos

The videos are presented by Ben Peggs, Rob Bruniges and Lucy Johnson. The presenters filmed the videos during lockdown and created a fun and engaging way to bring fencing into the homes and living rooms of young people across the world. The series of eight #ITriedFencing videos is taken from a larger library of content produced for the Scouts, which introduces Scout Leaders and their groups to fencing.


#ITriedFencing Certificates

Young people who try any of the activities in the I Tried Fencing series can claim a printable #ITriedFencing certificate from British Fencing. The certificates are available after completing one or more of the activities, so young fencers can choose whether to try one activity or complete the whole series. Teachers can apply for a printable certificate for their whole class, or request individual certificates for pupils.


Marjorie Kuhne, of British Fencing said, “The #ITriedFencing challenge is about having fun and trying a new sport. It’s a great way for parents and teachers to introduce something different to young people.”

Schools interested in the I Tried Fencing Challenge are encouraged to contact British Fencing for further resources and support [email protected]

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