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What is Women’s Sport Week?

Women’s Sport Week has been designed to celebrate, raise awareness and increase the profile of women’s sport across the UK. Focussing on elite competition, grassroots participation, workforce and media coverage, the week will feature original and shared content across local and national media, supported by Government and the wider sport industry, ahead of an exciting summer for women’s sport.

The 2015 week will build a business case for future Women’s Sport Weeks and is an opportunity for sport to get involved and show support for, women’s sport.

The week is being organised by a group representing major media suppliers, businesses and delivery partners including Sport England and sport national governing bodies, led operationally by the charity Women in Sport.

Be part of it!

There will be a dedicated Women’s Sport Week campaign page (hosted on the Women in Sport website at www.womeninsport.org), acting as both a hub for pulling together content around Women’s Sport Week and signposting visitors to find out more about women’s sport

There will also be plenty of social media content for you to get involved with as well as media support and daily content from Sky Sports, BBC and others.

Women in Sport will share a toolkit later this week to help you get the most out of Women’s Sport Week. It will include a template press release for you to use if you wish and suggest other ways to support the campaign digitally as well as provide some ideas for how to make the most of Women’s Sport Week through any existing or bespoke communications and activities.

This will be followed by further communications over the coming fortnight to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening and how you can involve your organisation.

What is it for?

For this pilot year, we have four aims:

  • Raise awareness of Women’s Sport Week and what it is about
  • Improve the media profile of women’s sport, celebrating the success of women’s sport
  • Raise awareness of opportunities for women’s participation in sport
  • Make a business case for Women’s Sport Week 2016 

Why now?

In 2013, the Government established a ‘Women and Sport Advisory Board’ in order to engage more strategically with the sectors that influence the sporting landscape. The Board published its final report in March 2015, providing some recommendations for future action around women’s sport based on the Board’s own expertise and insights.

One of the recommendations included making 1-7 June ‘Women’s Sport Week’ which coincides with the start of the Women’s Football World Cup and provides the perfect opportunity to reach out to women and inspire them to get active as well as capitalise on the 2015 summer of women’s sport.

By making the most of the opportunities available this year and demonstrating the impact and engagement achieved across sport will enable us to build on year 1 and create a further, even bigger Women’s Sport Week in 2016.

Who is behind Women’s Sport Week?

Backed by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, Sky Sports, the BBC and a number of other NGBs and stakeholders, co-ordination of Women’s Sport Week is being led by the charity Women in Sport with the aim of engaging a national audience across the UK, from elite to grassroots.

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