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Italy show strength in depth

The Cadet & Junior European Championships are currently being held in Budapest, Hungary and will last until 7th March, 2013.  Here is an update of the individual tournaments in the Junior events.

Men’s Foil Individual

A field of 81 competitors included four from Great Britain.  Rattan came out on top for the Brits after the first round registering V5D1.  Archer (V4D2), Tofalides (V4D2) and Bailey (V3D3) joined him in the round of 64.  There, Bailey fell 15-3 to Matyas (HUN) but Archer beat Yuvacan (TUR) 15-8, Rattan knocked Flyborg (SWE) out 15-7 and Tofalides progressed 15-10 against Rizell (SWE).  In the next round Rattan narrowly lost 15-14 to Perelmann (GER) but both Archer and Tofalides made the round of 16 beating A. Nemeth (HUN) 15-11 and Uftring (GER) 15-6 respectively.  Unfortunately their day ended in the round of 16 with Archer losing 15-6 to Auclin (FRA) and Tofalides 15-6 to Nista (ITA).  Nista went on to win the European title by beating Choupenitch (CZE) 15-12 in the final.  Lichagin (RUS) and Luperi (ITA) took the bronze medals.

GB Individual Placings:  Tofalides 12th, Archer 15th, Rattan 22nd & Bailey 43rd.

Women’s Sabre Individual

There was no British representation in the field of 46 in this event.  Boudiaf (FRA) took the European title by beating Marton (HUN) 15-8 in the gold medal match.  The bronze medals went to Ridel (RUS) and Lehis (EST).

Men’s Epee Individual

A field of 100 fencers included four from Great Britain.  Ridley (V3D2), Sanchez-Lethem (V3D3) and Steed (V2D4) made the incomplete round of 128 but Curran-Jones (V1D5) did not.  Ridley earned himself a bye through to the next round whilst Sanchez-Lethem narrowly lost 15-14 to Reginster (BEL) and Sanchez Rodriguez (ESP) knocked Steed out 15-11.  In the round of 64 Ridely defeated Majgier (POL) 15-14 but then lost 15-9 to Korlath (AUT) in the round of 32.  The newly crowned European Champion in this discipline was Santarelli (ITA) who beat compatriot Fichera 14-13 in the gold medal match.  The bronze medals went to Bodoczi (GER) and Pereira (ESP).

GB Individual Placings:  Ridley 30th, Sanchez-Lethem 66th, Steed 77th & Curran-Jones 89th

Women’s Foil Individual

Leah King was the only British representative in this event and joined a field of 56 where she registered V3D3 in the first round.  She made the round of 64 but was beaten 15-5 by Szalai (HUN) ending British hopes for the day.  The event was won by Mancini (ITA) who beat Zagidulina (RUS) 15-4 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Palumbo (ITA) & Sinigalia (ITA).

GB Individual Placings:  King 38th.

Women’s Individual Epee

There was no British representation in the field of 75 in this event.  Mallo (FRA) took the European title by beating Tataran (ROU) 15-14 in the gold medal match.  The bronze medals went to Gudkova (RUS) and Lehis (EST).

Men’s Individual Sabre

Just two British fencers joined a field of 54 in the last of the individual Junior events to take place at these championships.  Both Aiyenuro and Van Hoffelen registered V2D3 to make the round of 64.  There Csaba (HUN) knocked Van Hoffelen out 15-13 but Aiyunero progressed by beating Ocinski (POL) 15-9.  His day ended in the following round as he lost 15-7 to the number one seed, Huebers (GER).  The event was won by Bazadze (GEO) who beat Voronov (UKR) 15-14.  The bronze medals were won by D’Armiento (ITA) and Ibragimov (RUS).

GB Individual Placings:  Aiyenuro 30th and Van Hoffelen 41st.

Two days of team events will close out these championships.

All results can be found here.


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