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Maxwell Quarterfinal Finish is best GB Junior Result

The Junior events at the Championships in Russia began on day six with British athletes involved in every event.

Day 6 – March 7

Junior Individual Women’s Epee

The field of eighty-nine in this event included four from Great Britain.  Daniele Lawson (V4D2), Alexandra Powell (V3D3) and Bethan Plant (V2D4) all qualified for the elimination stages but Jasmine Heaps (V0D6) did not.  All three remaining British fencers were knocked out in the round of 64 as Cagnin (ITA) beat Lawson 15-6, Martensson (SWE) defeated Powell 15-8 and Plant lost 15-14 to Engdahl (SWE).

Frederica Isola of Italy won the first Junior European title of the Championships by beating Alexandra Predescu of Romania 15-6 in the final.  Swede, Elvira Martensson shared the bronze medal position with Aliya Bayram of France.

British placings: Lawson 44th=, Powell 55th, Plant 64th & Heaps 87th.

Women’s Individual Epee Results

Junior Individual Men’s Sabre

Four British fencers were amongst the field of sixty-three in the second Junior event.  Jamie Craze (V4D2), George Suddards (V4D2) and James Edwards (V3D3) all made the first round cut but Barnaby Halliwell (V1D5) did not.  Edwards fell 15-12 to Milassin (HUN) in the round of 64 as Craze and Suddards progressed, beating Haag (GER) 15-8 and Stanescu (ROU) 15-7, respectively.  British interest in the event ended in the round of 32 as Kostenko (RUS) defeated Craze 15-6 and Patrice (FRA) beat Suddards 15-12.

Maxime Pianfetti of France claimed the gold medal beating teammate Sebastien Patrice 15-11 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Russian Konstantin Lokhanov and Italian Alberto Arpino.

British placings: Suddards 26th, Craze 29th, Edwards 41st & Halliwell 56th=.

Men’s Individual Sabre Results

A video playlist of the action from day 6 is available here.

Day 7 – March 8

Junior Individual Men’s Epee

Ninety-one fencers took part in this event including four from Britain.  Billy Shepherd (V3D3), Matthew Cooper (V2D4) and George Morris (V2D4) progressed through the first round but Antoine Belot (V1D5) did not.  A bye for Shepherd plus wins for George Morris 14-10 over Mueller (GER) and Copper 15-10 against Brykner (CZE) saw the remaining British fencers progress to the round of 64.  There it was to end for all three as Dikov (BUL) beat Shepherd 15-9, Nagy (HUN) defeated Cooper 15-6 and Morris lost 15-4 to Jurka (CZE).

David Nagy went on to claim the silver medal, losing 15-8 to Italian Davide Di Veroli in the final.  Frenchman Arthur Philipe shared the bronze medal position with Austria’s Alexander Biro.

British placings: Shepherd 53rd, Cooper 61st, Morris 64th & Belot 76th=.

Men’s Individual Epee Results

Junior Individual Women’s Foil

There were fifty-seven entries into this event including four from Great Britain.  Alice Campbell (V1D5), Seville Babaeva (V0D5), Arianna Balestrieri (V0D5) and Yasmin Campbell (V0D5) did not do enough to make it through the first round.

The European title went to Martina Faveretto of Italy who just beat German Leonie Ebert 15-14 in the gold medal match.  The bronze medal position was shared by two Russians, Marta Martyanova and Victoria Yusova.

British placings: A. Campbell 51st, Balestrieri 52nd, Babaeva 53rd & Y. Campbell 56th.

Women’s Individual Foil Results

A video playlist of the action from day 7 is available here.

Day 8 – March 9

Junior Individual Men’s Foil

The seventy-six fencers in this event included another four from Great Britain.  Ben Bates (V4D2), Dominic De Almeida (V4D2), Connor Head (V4D2) and Sebastian Pallier (V3D3) all qualified through the first round.  In the 64, De Almeida beat Goran (ISR) 15-4, Head defeated Split (NED) 15-12 and Pallier beat teammate Bates 15-12.  British progress in the event ended in the round of 32 as Head lost 15-5 to Menkuer (TUR), Rudnicki (POL) beat De Almeida 15-10 and Pallier fell 15-4 to Borodachev (RUS).

Kirill Borodachev went on to win the European title beating Davide Filippi of Italy 15-10 in the final.  Dutchman Daniel Giacon and France’s Wallerand Roger shared third place.

British placings: Head 18th, De Almeida 21st, Pallier 28th & Bates 39th.

Men’s Individual Foil Results

Junior Individual Women’s Sabre

The final individual event of the Championships included a further four British fencers in field of fifty-three.  Jessica Corby (V3D3) and Caitlin Maxwell (V3D3) made it through the first round but Sophia Potter (V1D5) and Maria Chart (V0D6) did not.  Maxwell progressed through the round of 64 with a bye as Corby defeated Aptsiauri (GEO) 15-13 to join her in the next round.  Maxwell won again, this time beating Jijieshvili (GEO) 15-10 but Corby lost 15-4 to Ilieva (BUL).  Maxwell then beat Podpaskova (RUS) 15-13 to make the quarterfinals but then lost 15-8 to Gette (GER).

Lisa Gette went on to share the bronze medal position with Turkey’s Aylin Cakir as Alina Mikhailova of Russia struck gold with a 15-8 victory over Hungary’s Liza Pusztai in the final.

British placings: Maxwell 8th, Corby 28th, Potter 49th & Chart 51st.

Women’s Individual Sabre Results

A video playlist of the action from day 8 is available here.

Day 9 – March 10

Junior Team Women’s Epee

The Junior team events began with women’s epee as Jasmine Heaps, Danielle Lawson and Alexandra Powell with Bethan Plant as reserve represented Great Britain in a field of twenty.  A bye through the incomplete round of 32 was followed by defeat 45-30 against Hungary – a match which saw Plant replace Heaps in the seventh leg.  In the placings matches Great Britain brought on Plant again for Heaps in the fourth leg in their 45-42 victory over Finland.  The same format followed in the next match but Spain beat Great Britain 45-27.  In the fight-off for eleventh place Great Britain brought in Plant in place of Heaps but the team lost 45-42 against Switzerland to finish twelfth.

Italy beat Russia 45-42 to take the fold medal as France beat the Czech Republic 45-28 to the bronze medal.

Team Women’s Epee Results

Junior Team Women’s Foil

Twelve teams took part in this event including Great Britain with a line up of Seville Babaeva, Arianna Balestrieri and Yasmin Campbell with Alice Campbell as reserve.  Alice came on in the seventh leg of the round of 16 match for Babaeva but the Brits still lost 45-32 to Romania.  A bye through the first placings match was followed by victories over Sweden 45-30 and the Czech Republic 45-28 to claim ninth place.

Germany beat Italy 45-43 to the title as Hungary defeated Poland 45-23 for the bronze medal.

Team Women’s Foil Results

Junior Team Men’s Sabre

The fifteen teams in this event included Great Britain who lined up with Jamie Craze, James Edwards and George Suddards with Barnaby Halliwell in as reserve.  They faced Ukraine in the round of 16 and despite Halliwell coming on in the seventh fight for Craze, Great Britain lost 45-36.  Halliwell came in for Craze in the first placings match but he was replaced in the seventh leg as Britain fell 45-43 to Georgia.  Craze, Halliwell and Suddards took on Slovenia in the next match, winning 45-21 and then Edwards returned – for Craze – in their 45-31 victory over Belgium.  Great Britain finished in thirteenth place.

France beat Russia 45-39 to take the gold medal as Germany defeated Belarus by the same score to claim bronze.

Team Men’s Sabre Results

A video playlist of the action from day 9 is available here.

Day 10 – March 11

Junior Team Men’s Foil

Great Britain fielded a team of Ben Bates, Dominic De Almeida and Connor Head with Sebatian Pallier in reserve for this event, as a total of fourteen countries competed.  In their round of 16 match against Germany, Pallier come on in the eighth leg but the team lost 45-41.  In the first placings match, Bates, De Almeida and Pallier defeated Ukraine 45-31 before Head came back in for Pallier in their 45-28 victory over Serbia to finish ninth.

Russia defeated Poland 45-26 for the title as Italy beat Germany 45-22 to claim the bronze medal.

Team Men’s Foil Results

Junior Team Men’s Epee

A total of seventeen teams took part in this event including Great Britain who lined up with Matthew Cooper, George Morris and Billy Shepherd with Antoine Belot as reserve.  They lost 45-39 to Switzerland in the round of 16 pushing them into the placings matches.  There they lost 45-40 to Ukraine and 45-35 to Austria before Belot came in for Morris and they beat Estonia 45-43 to finish fifteenth.

Hungary beat Italy 34-27 to claim the gold medal as the bronze was awarded to France who beat Poland 45-37 in the play-off.

Team Men’s Epee Results

Junior Team Women’s Sabre

The final action in Sochi saw thirteen teams line up for this event including Great Britain.  Maria Chart, Jessica Corby and Caitlin Maxwell with Sophia Potter in reserve beat Turkey 45-25 in the round of 16 before losing 45-41 to Italy.  In the placings matches they lost 45-43 to France before beating Poland 45-39 to finish seventh.

Russia beat Italy 45-33 to claim the last gold medal of the Championships as Hungary claimed bronze with a 45-43 victory over Germany.

Team Women’s Sabre Results

A video playlist of the action from day 10 is available here.

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