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Maxwell Stars for British Junior Team

The Junior European Championships 2019 in Foggia, Italy took place 27 February – 3 March.  Here is a round up of all the action including updates on British results.

Day 1

Men’s Individual Foil

Following the conclusion of the Cadet Championships the Junior European events began with the Men’s Individual Foil.  A field of eighty-one included four fencers from Great Britain.  Connor Head (V6D0), William Lonsdale (V5D1), Sebastian Pallier (V5D1) and Dominic De Almeida (V4D2) all qualified for the knockout phase of the event.

In the round of 64, Head defeated Huthmann (AUT) 15-4, Pallier beat Jans Kohneke (NED) 15-7 and Lonsdale knocked out Hoida (UKR) 15-11 but Breteau (ESP) won 15-13 against De Almeida.  None of the remaining fencers made it through the next round as Di Tommaso (ITA) beat Lonsdale 15-6, Jurkiewicz (POL) edged Pallier 15-14 and Head fell 15-2 to Velluti (ITA).

Tommaso Marini (ITA) took the title beating Anton Borodochev (RUS) in the final as Vladislav Mylnikov (RUS) and Armand Spichiger (FRA) shared the bronze medal position.

GBR results: Head 18th, Lonsdale 23rd, Pallier 24th & De Almeida 37th=.

Women’s Individual Sabre

The second event of the tournament saw four British fencers line up in a field of fifty-nine.  Sophia Potter (V4D2), Caitlin Maxwell (V3D3) and Ellen Robbins-Wilkinson (V2D4) all qualified for the knockout stages.  Catriona Thomson (V1D5) did not.

In the round of 64 Maxwell beat Ventura (ESP) 15-6 but Potter lost 15-13 to Baldo (CRO) and Buerkert (GER) defeated Robbins-Wilkinson 15-7.  Maxwell went on to beat Lupu (ROU 15-13, Erbil (TUR) 15-8 and Taricco (ITA) 15-11 to make the semi-finals where she lost 15-8 to Alina Mikhailova (RUS).  Maxwell shared the bronze medal with Giulia Arpino (ITA) whilst Liza Pusztai (HUN) won the title beating Mikhailova in the final.

You can read the full report on Maxwell claiming the bronze medal here.

GB results:  Maxwell 3rd, Potter 33rd, Robbins-Wilkinson 44th & Thomson 54th.

Day 2

Women’s Individual Epee

Day two began with the Women’s Individual Epee where the field of seventy-nine included four more fencers from Great Britain.  Alexandra Powell (V5D1) and Laura Sheffield (V3D3) both qualified for the direct elimination stages but Avery Louis (V1D4) and Maia Henderson-Roe (V1D4) did not.

Powell beat Jimenez Cebada (ESP) 15-13 in the round of 64 before losing 15-11 to Gnam (HUN) in the next round.  Sheffield made it through to the quarterfinals by beating Targamaa (EST) 15-8, Barosan (ROU) 15-6 and Loit (EST) 14-13 before losing to Martensson (SWE) 15-13.

Elvira Martensson was knocked out in the next round and shared the bronze medal with Manana Saumova (RUS) as Federica Isola (ITA) claimed the title by beating Evgeniya Zharkova (RUS) in the final.

GB results:  Sheffield 8th, Powell 21st, Henderson-Roe 63rd & Louis 66th.

Men’s Individual Sabre

Another four British fencers were part of the sixty-nine-strong field for this event.  Barnaby Halliwell (V4D2), Julian Richards II (V3D3) and Jamie Craze (V2D4) all made it through the first round but Bertie Holdsworth (V1D5) did not.

In the round of 64 Halliwell beat Schaafsma (NED) 15-14 and Richards II defeated Mateev (ISL) but Craze was knocked out 15-9 by Rabb (HUN).  Both Halliwell and Richards II were knocked out in the next round losing 15-12 to De Ridder (BEL) and 15-10 to Tyulyukov (RUS), respectively.

The Championship title went to Matteo Neri (ITA) who beat Vladislav Pozdnyakov (RUS) in the final.  Galin Genov (BUL) and Nika Shengalia (GEO) shared the bronze medal position.

GB results:  Halliwell 23rd, Richards II 27th, Craze 51st & Holdsworth 59th.

Day 3

Men’s Individual Epee

The final day of individual events saw four British fencers line up in a field of one hundred in this event.  William East (V5D1) and Dylan Morrison (V2D4) made it through the poule stage but Antoine Belot (V2D4) and Benjamin Andrews (V1D4) did not.

In the round of 64, East had a bye but Morrison lost 15-12 to Jukna (LTU) 15-12.  East lost 15-7 to Mancewicz (SWE) in the next round.

Mate Koch (HUN) won the title, beating Alexander Biro (AUT) in the final.  Davide Di Veroli (ITA) shared the bronze medal position with Topias Taurainen (FIN)

GB results:  East 35th, Morrison 73rd=, Belot 79th & Andrews 82nd.

Women’s Individual Foil

The final individual event also featured four British fencers who competed in a field of sixty-six.  Mhairi McLaughlin (V4D2), Sevil Babaeva (V3D3) and Bronwen Granville (V2D4) progressed through the first round but Heloise Hardie (V0D5) did not.

In the round of 64, Babaeva lost 15-5 to Bedenko (UKR) but McLaughlin and Granville progressed beating Dimas (POR) 15-3 and Puglia (ITA) 15-13, respectively.  They were both eliminated in the next round through as Mech (POL) took out McLaughlin 15-9 and Granville lost 14-8 to Saveanu (ROU).

Italy and Russia shared the podium places as Serena Rossini (ITA) won the last individual title, beating Anna Udovichecnko (RUS) in the final as Martina Faveretto (ITA) and Adelina Bikbulatova (RUS) settled for the bronze medals.

GB results:  McLaughlin 21st, Granville 32nd, Babaeva 39th & Hardie 61st.

Day 4

A full compliment of British entries took part in the team events formed by the fencers who took part in the individual events other than Men’s Epee where George Morris joined Andrews, East and Morrison.

Women’s Team Epee

Seventeen countries competed in this event and Great Britain had a bye through the round of 32 before losing 45-29 to Hungary.  In the placings matches they beat Serbia 45-38 before losing 44-42 to Estonia and 45-42 to the Czech Republic to finish twelfth.

Russia took the title beating Italy in the final as France beat Romania to claim bronze.

Men’s Team Foil

There were sixteen entries in this event and Great Britain beat Ukraine 45-35 in the round of 16 before losing 45-28 to Poland in the quarterfinals.  In the placings matches they beat Germany 45-44 before losing 45-42 to the Netherlands to finish sixth.

Russia beat Italy for gold as France claimed bronze by beating Poland.

Women’s Team Sabre

There were thirteen teams in this event and Great Britain lost 45-31 to Bulgaria before beating Georgia 45-34 to claim thirteenth spot.

Germany won the title, beating Italy in the final as Hungary beat Turkey in the bronze medal play-off.

Day 5

Men’s Team Epee

A field of twenty teams in this event saw Great Britain benefitted with a bye through the round of 32 before losing 45-43 to the Czech Republic.  In the placings matches they lost 45-31 to Portugal and 45-44 to Austria before beating Azerbaijan 45-44 to finish fifteenth.

Poland went on to win the tournament by beating Italy in the gold medal match.  France secured bronze by beating Israel in the third place match.

Women’s Team Foil

There were thirteen teams in this event and Great Britain lost 45-35 to Romania in the round of 16.  A bye through the first placings match was followed by a 45-30 win over Slovakia and 36-33 loss to Denmark as the British team finished tenth.

Italy secured the title by beating Russia in the final whilst Hungary claimed bronze with victory over Germany.

Men’s Team Sabre

The final event included sixteen entries and Great Britain beat Poland 45-32 in the first round before losing 45-32 to Russia.  In the placings matches they beat Belgium 439? before losing 45-23 to Romania to finish sixth.

France took the final title of the Junior Championships by beating Italy in the final.  Russia beat Ukraine to secure bronze.

Junior European Championships 2019 results are here.

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