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Quarterfinals for Deary as Men’s Sabre Team miss out on bronze

The Junior World Championships took place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 5-9 April at the conclusion of the Cadet Championships.

5 April – Day 1

Junior Women’s Epee – Individual

The one hundred and fifty-four entries in this event included three from Great Britain.  Laura Sheffield achieved the best result by making the top 64 where she lost 15-12 to Mangano (USA).  Laura Stanier and Danielle Lawson made the round of 128 losing 15-9 to Gaber (EGY) and 15-13 to Zing (CHN), respectively.

Aliya Bayram (FRA) beat Catherine Nixon (USA) to secure the first junior individual title as Federica Isola (ITA) and Xu Nuo (CHN) collected the bronze medals.

Full results here.

Junior Men’s Sabre – Individual

William Deary was the star performer for Great Britain in a field of one hundred and forty-six in this competition.  Four victories from six first round fights meant he was seeded fortieth for the elimination stages.  He went on to beat Shum (HKG) 15-9, Lee (KOR) 15-9, Ferjani (TUN) 15-14 and Bravo (ESP) 15-13 to secure a place in the quarterfinals.  There he was undone 15-11 by Metryka (USA), who went on to finish in the bronze medal position – one which he shared with Dario Cavaliere (ITA).  Konstantin Lokhanov (RUS) beat Lu Yang (CHN) to take the title.

Both Bertie Holdsworth and James Edwards made the top 64 losing 15-7 to Zhang (CHN) and 15-11 to Ferjani (TUN), respectively.  Joshua Maxwell also made the knockout stages but fell 15-10 to Caranti (ITA) in the round of 128.

Full results here.

6 April – Day 2

Junior Men’s Foil – Individual

There were four British entries in the men’s foil individual event which boasted a field of one hundred seventy-two fencers.  Kamal Minott achieved the best result by making the top 16 where he lost 15-8 to Bianchi (ITA).  Dominic De Almeida, Daniel Kiss and Harry Bird were all eliminated in the round of 128 – 15-12 to Rosu (ROU), 15-9 to E. Roger (FRA) and 15-6 to Kongstad (DEN), respectively.

Cheung Ka Long (HKG) won an all-Asian final, beating Toshiya Saito (JPN) to secure the World Championship title.  Iskander Akhmetov (RUS) and Guillaume Bianchi (ITA) were the bronze medallists. 

Full results here.

Junior Women’s Sabre – Individual

The one hundred and thirteen entries into this event included four from Great Britain.  Caitlin Maxwell and Maria Chart both made the round of 32, losing 15-12 to Escamilla (MEX) and 15-10 to Toledo (MEX), respectively.  Jessica Corby lost 15-8 to Guo (CHN) in the round of 64 and Maia Fashokun went out 15-11 to Valdez Andrade (MEX) in the 128.

It was another Mexican fencer who won the tournament – Natalia Botello beat Theodora Gkountoura (GRE) to take the title as Olga Nikitina (RUS) and Liza Pusztai (HUN) made the bronze medal position.

Full results here.

7 April – Day 3

Junior Men’s Epee – Individual

Three British fencers took part in this event in a field of one hundred and ninety-three.  Aml Sinclair and Owen Jordan both made the round of 64, losing 15-8 to Kimfors (SWE) and 9-8 to Bonferroni (SUI), respectively.  Matthew Cooper made the 128 but then lost 15-5 to Islas Flygare (SWE).

Egor Guzhiev (RUS) won the title beating Valerio Cuomo (ITA) as Cosimo Martini (ITA) and
Gergely Siklosi (HUN) secured the bronze medals.

Full results here.

Junior Women’s Foil – Individual

Kate Beardmore was the sole British fencer in a field of one hundred and twelve in the final individual event in Plovdiv.  She made the round of 64 where she lost 15-6 to Bianchi (ITA). 

Komaki Kikuchi (JPN) beat Serena Rossini (ITA) in the final to take the title whilst Iman Blow (USA) and Huang Ali (CHN) collected the bronze medals.

Full results here.

8 April – Day 4

Junior Women’s Team Epee

There were twenty-nine entries in this event including one from Great Britain (Lawson, Sheffield & Stanier).  They beat Mexico 45-36 in the round of 32 before losing 45-34 to Russia.  In the placings matches they lost 45-44 to Canada before beating Korea by the same score and then Egypt 45-32 to finish thirteenth.

France beat Italy to take the gold medal as the USA beat Poland to bronze.

Full results here.

Junior Men’s Team Sabre

Great Britain (Deary, Edwards, Holdsworth and Maxwell) lined up in a field of thirty for this event and achieved the best British result of the whole event by finishing fourth.  They beat Argentina 45-33, Japan 45-33 and a team competing under the FIE flag 45-29 to make the semi-finals.  They then faced Russia and only just lost, 45-43.  Germany was their opponent for the bronze medal and they piped the British team 45-41.  Russia beat Italy for the gold medal.

Full results here.

9 April – Day 5

Junior Women’s Sabre Team

Chart, Corby, Fashokun and Maxwell lined up for Great Britain in a field of twenty-two teams and beat Bulgaria 45-32 in the round of 32, before losing 45-28 to Italy in the next round.  In the placings matches, Great Britain had three consecutive matches that finished 45-40 where they lost to Korea before beating Kazakhstan and Romania.

Russia took the title, beating Italy in the final as Mexico took out the USA for the bronze medal.

Full results here.

Junior Men’s Team Foil

There were thirty-four teams in this event including Great Britain (Bird, De Almeida, Kiss & Minott).  A bye through the 64 was followed up by victory, 45-28 over Egypt but then they lost 45-27 to Germany.  In the placings matches, they lost 45-26 to the Netherlands, 45-35 to Denmark and 45-41 to Korea.

USA beat Japan in the final to take the gold medal as Russia beat Italy to the bronze medal.

Full results here.

10 April – Day 6

Junior Women’s Foil Team

Seville Babaeva, Kate Beardmore and Phoebe Newton-Hughes formed the British team in a field of twenty-two.  A bye through the round of 32 was followed by a 45-19 defeat to Germany.  They then lost their three placings match, 45-29 to Ukraine, 45-28 to Singapore and 45-36 to Chile to finish sixteenth.

Poland beat the USA to the title as Hungary took the bronze by beating Russia.

Full results here.

Junior Men’s Team Epee

This event boasted the biggest entry of all with thirty-eight teams lining up on the last day.  Great Britain (Cooper, Jordan and Sinclair) had a bye through the round of 64 but then lost 45-37 to Israel to finish twenty-second.

Italy beat Poland to take the final title in Bulgaria as Hungary beat the USA for the bronze.

Full results here.

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