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Eventual winner Cheremisinov knocks out Kruse

On 5th May 2013, 29 year old, Richard Kruse finished sixth at the Tokyo Grand Prix in Japan.  His world ranking of fourteen meant that he had a bye straight through to the round of 64.  There, he made light work of former Japanese team member, Ichikawa (JPN) beating him 15-6 with a series of accurately placed attacks.  In the round of 32 he faced super-fast Kim (KOR) and had to change to a more defensive tactic.  It worked as he took the fight 15-7 with a combination of parry ripostes and stop hits.  Left-handed Lichagin (RUS) was his next opponent and Kruse was behind for much of the fight.  However Lichagin tired allowing Kruse to win 15-13.  That win took him to a quarterfinal against Alexi Cheremisinov (RUS).  The two traded hits to 11-11 but then Cheremisinov edged away, winning 15-13.  The Russian went on to beat his team mate Akhmatkhuzin 15-12 and then Meinhardt (USA) 15-6 to take the title.

Speaking shortly after finishing sixth, Kruse said; “I needed a result in Japan to have a chance of staying in the world’s top 16.  I managed it but there is still a lot of work to do to secure my ranking on the run up to the World Championships in Budapest later this year.  I have been working very hard with my coach and am starting to fence pretty well.  I just hope I’ll be able to continue to do so.”

Coach, Ziemek Wojciechowski added; “Richard showed moments of amazing fencing and if we continue working hard together his next contest with Cheremisinov will be victorious.”

There is one more major ranking men’s foil event ahead of the European Championships In Zagreb in June.  The World Championships follow them in August.

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