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Here is a report on the TASS funding for British Fencing in 2012-13

First, the policy background. The TASS management advised that any future support for our athletes would be conditional upon the application from British Fencing being aligned with the World Class Programme (WCP). They asked that funding be used for athletes currently on the WCP and in education or, athletes who are likely to be identified as having WCP potential (should UK Sport continue to fund the sport through the Rio 2016 cycle). As before, TASS funding is for athletes not getting an Athlete Personal Award (APA) from UK Sport. But, while we remain a basic funded sport, no athletes on the British Fencing Programme get an APA from UK Sport; therefore all those in education are eligible to be supported through TASS. We decided that initially at least some WCP athletes should receive TASS support, particularly in terms of medical insurance and funding towards training costs, which currently are not covered given the restrictions of basic funding status.

So, the TASS decisions, after detailed discussions with the TASS management – the following athletes have now been nominated and accepted by TASS for funding:

James Davis
Husyan Rosowsky
Alex Tofalides
Marcus Mepstead
Philip Marsh
Sophie Williams
Elizabeth Ng

Kristjan Archer

British Fencing has agreed with TASS that – should UK Sport agree to fund a WCP for the next cycle – then from April 2013, TASS funds can be applied further down the British Fencing Talent Pathway for athletes who have been identified through a talent identification and selection process and within a selected talent group.

British Fencing – December 2012

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