18/08/2015- Latest News

Message from Jon Willis

The Leon Paul Junior Series (LPJS) will be 30 years old next year having started in 1986 with just two foil competitions in London.  Now the series covers all three weapons and is the introduction to competitive fencings for nearly all young fencers.

Following an anonymous survey of current LPJS organizers, Leon Paul is planning to make some improvement to the LPJS for 2016.  I have recently written to all LPJS event organizers setting out these improvements.

If you are an LPJS event organiser and have not received an email from me please let me know via the address below.  Likewise if you are interested in running an LPJS event in 2016 please email me for more information.

There will be no changes to anything LPJS related this year so no need to worry. I will be announcing the changes to the 2016 LPJS in the coming months.

Speaking about the series, Company Director, Ben Paul said; “The LPJS has grown year on year and in just the last five years we have had approximately 15,000 entries in competitions all over the country.  Online entries will be possible once we launch our new website so it’s certainly an exciting time.  We are introducing a Leon Paul Junior Series passport so fencers can keep a physical record of their achievements.  We are also going to expand are LPJS international events so that UK based youngsters can compete against different fencing styles from around the world.”

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