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British Fencing has concluded investigations into complaints received about the London Open.

In recognition of the potential impact on remaining Home Nation Commonwealth Team selections, Scottish Fencing and England Fencing were consulted  and the findings and early conclusions here were fully considered.

In addition to the earlier findings the following was noted.

–        The ranking rules in use today were not in use the last time this event submitted results.  In particular, the method for calculating the NIF of foreign fencers has been simplified and normalised based on competitions following FIE article o.11, which lays out a format similar, but not necessarily identical to, the vast majority of Open competitions in the UK.

British Fencing does not believe that the format of the London Open was in any way designed to artificially inflate the NIF count. British Fencing also recognises that the organisers of the competition work hard and desire to run a high class event. However, both BF and the London Open acknowledge the unintended impact on the NIF counts, and agree some action is appropriate.

Final Decision

The NIF point total will be adjusted to reduce the effect of the unique system of byes. Therefore in those events where non FIE ranked fencers were given byes and failed to progress any further no NIF points will be awarded.

This decision will impact on Women’s Foil and Men’s Epee as follows: a reduction by 6 NIF for WF and 3 NIF for ME

British Fencing would like to thank London Open for their full co-operation and support in this matter.

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