23/03/2015- Latest News

We’ve received feedback that a number of fencers are not aware that they are able to enter events (that are on the Sport:80 Platform) by telephone as well as using our platform at https://www.sport80.com/platform. Our telephone number is 0203 005 2526. If you are having issues using the platform, we will process entries between the hours of 09:30 and 15:30 on Monday through Friday. If you can’t reach us during these hours then please email [email protected] with a contact telephone number where we can reach you and the best time for us to call.
We are developing the system on a continual basis and making improvement and additions regularly. We very much recognise that our platform does not yet meet everyone’s expectations but we are particularly grateful for the specific and constructive feedback we have already received. If you would like to share feedback with us then please email [email protected].
We take all feedback seriously and use it where we can to enhance the user experience. We are working with British Fencing to prioritise enhancement requests as part of the wider BF plan to deliver high value, low cost tools and services to support the membership.
Whilst we will do everything that we can to help, you may feel that you do not get the response you want or expect from our Support Desk. If so you can then escalate your complaint by forwarding details to [email protected] where it will be logged and dealt with accordingly. (Please note that [email protected] is not a support line, therefore all issues must, in the first instance, be raised with [email protected])
Please do call us if you have issues – we are more than happy to chat about the direction we are taking the platform in and the bigger picture. We aim to be accessible and approachable, and we are passionate about creating an online platform to support fencers and fencing.
Gary Hargraves, Sport:80

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