10/04/2014- Latest News

When the new British Fencing (BF) Board came into place, after two sets of elections, one of the first steps taken was to begin a thorough Review of the BF committee structure.   That Review was completed at the end of 2013, with final consultations with existing Committee Chairs.  We held back any announcement pending consultation with the new CEO, now completed – one decision remains to be settled, regarding the IYC.  With that reservation, the Board can announce these key conclusions from its Review;

  • two new “Board Committees” have been established, each with key roles –  Audit, Governance & Risk, chaired by John Troiano; and Nominations, led by the Chair.   The scope, outputs and membership of each of these Committees can be found at http://www.britishfencing.com/governance/committees/
  • henceforward, we have a distinction between Board Committees and the key, operational BF committees, now called “Standing Committees”;
  • there will be from time to time “Working Groups” or “Working Parties” established by the Board for specific aims and remits  –  these all report to the Board, which approves all appointments;
  • new Operating Principles have been set for both Board Committees and BF Standing Committees  –  see the “BF Committee Notes
  • in future, the Chair and members of Board Committees will be decided by the Board, who will also select the Chairs of Standing Committees on the advice of the Nominations Committee.  Standing Committee members will be selected by the Nominations Committee after consultation with the appropriate Chair;
  • the Competitions & Calendar Committee has been disbanded, replaced by Work Groups reporting to Katie Dolan in her new role as Events Manager.

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