03/08/2011- Latest News

From Chair David Teasdale

Several BF members have suggested to me there should be direct messages from the Board on the website, so here goes…….The aim being to improve our communications, to help members understand Directors’ decisions.
We launched recently our new “3G strategy”.  This will guide and drive Board decisions for the next vital years, on the roads to London and Rio  – towards three key goals;  Green, for governance, Grow, for getting more people fencing, and Gold, for winning medals.  
It was a pleasure this week for me to attend the launch of the revamped World Class Programme and to speak to our chosen athletes.  They are of course key to the Gold aims.  I congratulated them on their selection for the Programme – on merit.  I outlined the Board’s role, primarily one of support, with resources for example.  I gave the undertaking that the Board would always try to deliver the resources the Gold effort needs.  Our search for medals must not suffer for lack of funds  –  or sheer hard work, or world class preparation, coaching, medical support, etc.  This really is a new WCP, led by our first full time, professional Performance Manager in Alex Newton.  Alex set out her Action Plan for the WCP at our Board meeting in Sheffield recently and received our unanimous backing.  The Board is determined that our sport starts to achieve the world class performances and results our members, partners and sponsors truly deserve.   

It isn’t going to be easy.  I was asked the other day, can British Fencing get a Gold medal in London?  My answer –  unless we aim for the best, we will fall short. It will be hard. But of course we can.  This is a home Games, with what will be huge and emotional home support, and of course we can succeed.   I used the famous Eleanor Roosevelt quotation with our athletes –  “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.
Monday felt like it could be a big day for GB fencing.  All of us will work very hard to make it become so.

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