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Inspiring a Generation

So, the Games of our lifetime have closed, with last night’s crash & bang, leaving us with memories that will last another lifetime.  My thought for the day, and for the months ahead, lies in the 2012 theme  –  Inspire a Generation.  That is the responsibility we now have, in concert with the other Olympic sports (though some will soon be competitors again!).  

One of my best memories of the work round the Games is of the GO/FENCE area we ran so successfully at Excel.  Hazel Herbert ran this most days, and she kept saying to me  –  “We really are doing our bit to Inspire a Generation”.  We plan to do more and more of those taster events; we are working with partners and sponsors on various initiatives; and of course every club, coach, volunteer will play their key part in bringing fencing to the new audience out there and to helping all our members and fencers develop further.  For clubs our new promo pack is available now.

The BF website will carry news, information and links.  If you have any queries, or suggestions, just call Head Office, or me.  

“Inspire a Generation” will be the theme at the Roadshows and the General Meeting in October.  Yes, we are in times of change  –  yes, we have occasional differences of view and approach  –  but it’s going to take a united effort to achieve the goals we all have for this great sport.   Soon, you members will elect new Directors and a new Board will take us forward.  Let’s all get behind this 2012 theme and inspire ourselves as well as that generation which has seen and loved these wonderful London Olympic Games.

David Teasdale

Chair, British Fencing

07803 891623


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