01/10/2012- Latest News

It’s more times of change for your governing body.  Today is the day our Interim CEO, Peter King, starts his transitional role at the helm.  Peter has a unique track record, well known throughout the sports industry as the CEO who brought cycling from near bankruptcy in the late 1990s to the national and global success achieved in the last few years.  Peter really knows about growing participation and winning medals.  We welcome him.

We also bid farewell to Piers Martin.  Just over four years ago, Piers came as the first British Fencing CEO; he has presided over that most difficult transition from part time staffing to full time, or, as some have described it, from the amateur world to the professional.  In that time Piers has brought substantial extra funding into the sport.  His work ethic has been exceptional. To Piers, as CEO, we say goodbye and thank you and we wish him well.  (He will remain for a period in a consultancy role, helping Peter with the Grow agenda).

David Teasdale

Chair, British Fencing

07803 891623

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