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My Fencing World: Kamal Minott

Kamal Minott shares some of his best moments in fencing and tells us who inspires him as we look into his fencing world.


Kamal, how are you involved in fencing? What does this mean you do?

I am currently one of the members of the Senior British Men’s Foil Team, this means the world to me, as it was always a goal of mine to become a member of the British team and provide myself with the opportunity to compete at the highest level.


How did you get started in fencing?

My coach came to my primary school looking for talent to bring to the newly founded Fencing Club Newham Swords and came across me. From then on I have been fencing and trying to develop my skills.


What three words would you use to describe your involvement in fencing?

Fulfilling, Committed and Inspiring


What is your favourite thing about fencing?

Being around my teammates every day and being able to travel to multiple destinations across the world. (Editor’s note- this interview is being published when there are travel and activity restrictions in place due to Covid-19)


Can you tell us the most unusual thing you’ve done as part of your fencing life?

Slept in a Pod in Japan, don’t do it. Crazy uncomfortable.


What is your proudest fencing achievement?

I made back to back last 64’s in a Grand Prix and World Cup during an Olympic year.


Where and when were you born and brought up?

East London, Late 90’s


Last October 2020, we ran some stories about Black History Month. What does Black History Month mean to you?

Not much, now that we understand we must move away from only being represented/celebrated during a single month and push for a more thorough education on Black History within our school curriculums year-round. This is to increase the understanding of our current average socio-economic situation as well as how we got here, in addition, more help fighting against the institutions that to this day still keep us out of positions of power.


How has Black History shaped your life?

Understanding the history and plight of my people has been hurtful and joyful. Hurtful because of the atrocities which were and are still being committed against us, joyful as a result of understanding the place, culture and people I come from which provides me with immense pride and adulation of my heritage and people.


What three words would you use to describe Black History Month?

Outdated, Stepping stone


Who is your biggest inspiration? / Are there any influential Black role models in your life?

My inspirations are my mother and sister. As they are both extremely hardworking, honest and proud people, being brought up around those qualities inadvertently instils confidence and pride within yourself to attack any challenge ahead of you without doubting yourself regardless of the result.


Who is someone making Black History today?

Lebron James, as he has opened up his ‘I Promise School’ in his city to help the youth from around that area receive a great education, support and time. whilst also being the best basketball player in the world.


What would it surprise people to know about you?

I’m a homebody, I very rarely go out.


Complete the sentence …“When I’m not involved with fencing I am…”

“…Beating people at basketball… if you wanna be next let me know.”










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