18/03/2017- Latest News

Feedback sought for new scheme

Recently British Fencing has undertaken a review of the Cadet and Junior ranking schemes. This review was instigated on the back of a series of issues arising with the current system.

The review sought to determine whether points could be more simply linked to results (in a similar way to the FIE) leading to easier calculations, a reduction in errors and less labour intensive ranking investigations and appeals whilst still producing a fair comparison of results.

The resulting proposals for change were then circulated for consultation.

So far, Ranking Coordinators, the Cadet International Management Group, Junior and Cadet Selectors, and many of the coaches of the current squad fencers have been consulted and their views taken into account.

Our next step is to ask for input from the wider community – specifically are there any concerns which have not been fully addressed or unforeseen problems that this system will create?

Full details of the proposed scheme can be viewed here.

All responses should be sent to [email protected] marked ‘C&J Ranking Consultation’. (Please do not assume that social media comments will be seen and automatically taken into account.) 

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