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BF has introduced a new process for athletes wishing to enter any non-nominated events where there is no formal selection process.

Athletes can apply to be entered for non-nominated events such as:

  • EFC Cadet competitions
  • FIE Junior World Cups

There are minimum standards (see below) and an entry process managed and published by the Athlete Development Programme (ADP), in conjunction with Head Office to support the athlete entry.

There are no ranking points available for non-nominated events and if more than 4 fencers wish to attend, athletes/parents/coaches are responsible for sourcing referees at the required standard or pay the local fine as applicable. Rules around referee quotas and fines can be found on the EFC website here on page 3 section 4 and on the FIE website here, o.25 and o.31. 


  1. GBR eligibility criteria will apply to these events. See GBR Selection Policy.
  2. Entries subject to locations passing security & COVID risk assessments.
  3. All entries must be submitted via BF. The ADP is responsible for managing the entry process for non-nominated events to confirm GBR eligibility. Declined entry requests will be notified and may be asked to provide more information.
  4. Non-nominated Cadet and Junior international competitions are not eligible for Cadet or Junior BF Ranking points. They should be for development purposes only and to gain international fencing experience.
  5. Athletes wishing to compete in the Individual event of a non-nominated competition must complete a GBR Competition Entry Form and submit it to BF, no less than 10 working days* before the event. (this form is for non-nominated events only, please do not complete this for nominated events as this is the responsibility of the ADP.)
  6. Late entries will be accepted only on the condition that if the entry increases the referee requirement, the late entrant (fencer) must source and fund 100% of any additional referee required as per the FIE/EFC competition regulations or pay the referee fine.
  7. Relevant EFC or FIE licenses are required to be purchased (click here for more info).
  8. Once the above entry form has been submitted and approved the athlete will receive an invite from Sport80.  The invite will include the administration charge of £10.00/entry for all non-nominated Junior world cups /EFC U23 events and £5.00 for all non-nominated EFC Cadet events. – this is separate from the entry fee for the event.  You must pay the competition entry fee at the event.
  9. BF are not responsible for following up with athletes who have not confirmed their places, not purchased the correct licenses or paid by the published closing date. Athletes who have not accepted and paid within the ‘entry window’ will be deemed to have forfeited their place and the entry will not be processed.

Places for non-nominated EFC Cadet or Junior World Cups for GBR entries are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Any athlete wishing to be entered for non-nominated events for Great Britain at FIE or EFC competitions must compete in the National Championships in the relevant category – Cadet, Junior, Under23 or Senior- unless they have been granted an exemption.  See here for further details.

*Due to the short timescales between the EFC calendar publication the following events taking place on the 2nd/3rd of October 2021 are exempt from this timescale:

      • EFC Cadet Epee- Budapest,
      • EFC Cadet Sabre- Godollo,
      • EFC Cadet Foil (Women only) – Samorin.

The deadline for the competition entry for these events will be 12pm, Wednesday 22nd of September 2021.

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