27/01/2023- Explore Fencing


The new Explore Fencing Zone on the British Fencing (BF) website opens up the world of fencing to beginner fencers and anyone who is new to the sport. Discover information about the weapons, learn about the rules and find out some fun fencing facts!

The new Explore Fencing Zone on the BF website is a resource for beginner fencers of all ages and ability. Suitable for parents, new fencers and anyone interested in learning more about fencing, the Explore Fencing Zone provides information and guidance on getting started.

Current BF members are invited to explore the Zone and invite any new fencers they know to take a look. New BF members will be guided through the Zone as part of their free, 90 day Introduction to Fencing membership.

The Explore Fencing Zone has a different look and feel to the main BF website, utilising a bright blue instead of red, to indicate a user is in the Explore Fencing Zone.

The left hand navigation menu provides a link to the main BF website, and there is an option for members to join BF using the ‘Register’ link at the top of the page.

Viewers will also be able to find and contact their local club from the Explore Fencing Zone by using the Activity Finder.

Pages currently include:

Explore the Weapons

A look at each of the metal fencing weapons, as well as Para Fencing, with explainer videos.

Explore the Activity Finder

BF’s Activity Finder allows users to search for and contact their local club.

Explore the Rules

A friendly guide to getting started with the Rules, with some useful links.

Explore the Glossary

A useful glossary of terms with a further link to often-used acronyms in fencing.

Explore the History

A look at the history of each weapon, with thanks to Malcolm Fare.

Explore Fencing Fun

Some quick facts and fun ‘Did You Know?’ content!


Future pages coming soon include:

Explore Disability Fencing

Information for people wanting to learn about disability fencing.

Explore Competitions

A friendly guide to competitions, which is the best type of competition to enter and what you should know.

Explore Fencing Kit

A look at the kit needed for fencing.

Explore a Fencing Club

Find out what happens at a local club. Find out who you will meet and what a beginner course entails.


Requests and suggestions for the Explore Fencing Zone are welcome. To make a suggestion or request new info, please contact us using the ‘website’ option in the dropdown list on our general enquiry form here.


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