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British Fencing’s new GO/FENCE website is now LIVE!


Update 05/03/2021: The Go/Fence programme was phased out in 2016 and replaces with the Core Coach programme. The Go/Fence website does not exist anymore and the link to it has been removed from this post.
To know more about Core Coach, please click here or email us on [email protected].

GO/FENCE is British Fencing’s non-metal programme and a great way to get more people involved in fencing activities. 

“It is easy to learn, simple to deliver and you don’t need to know anything about fencing to get started!” said Jack Boteler, British Fencing’s GO/FENCE Coordinator.  During the past 4 years British Fencing has trained students, pupils and teachers as GO/FENCE Leaders to deliver more than 400,000 opportunities in schools and the local community.  Jack went on to say that, “GO/FENCE is about introducing more people to fencing through the use of plastic and foam equipment.  It is a fun, recreational programme used in schools and clubs across the country.”

This new GO/FENCE website is easy to navigate, free to use and has three purposes:

  1. It provides information about the GO/FENCE programme
  2. It promotes local GO/FENCE activity sessions
  3. It informs people how to become a GO/FENCE Leader

So if you would like more information about the GO/FENCE programme – contact Jack Boteler on 020 8742 3032 and let’s encourage more people to start fencing!

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