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We are thrilled to announce that PGL, the leading outdoor education activity provider, has signed a three-year partnership and will be recognised as “The Official Have-A-Go Partner” of British Fencing.

This partnership between PGL and BF aims to create fun and challenging experiences for young people, helping them develop essential life skills for their growth and success.

PGL has been a significant contributor to fencing activities in the UK since 2016, providing over 75,000 unique fencing experiences per year. Its collaboration with BF began with the development of the Core Coach course, a games-based community coaching training programme designed around BF’s mission to inspire people to start, stay, and succeed in fencing.

Over the years, PGL’s participation has grown with the support of BF’s Licensed Partner Programme. This programme provides training and resources to PGL colleagues, including in November 2022, utilising “We Are Forging Futures”, a comprehensive strategy encompassing education, physical literacy, and positive experiences for PE, school sport and physical activity.

With PGL’s key focus within education, there were key opportunities for the two organisations to be aligned further. As a result, the partnership between PGL and BF is built upon three strategic pillars:

1. Maintaining and increasing the quality of the Licensed Coach Developer network in PGL. PGL colleagues trained to provide We Are Forging Futures-inspired experiences at PGL venues or within the community, expanding the impact of the programme.

2. Utilising PGL’s venues. BF will be able to use PGL’s 15 venues across the UK to provide unprecedented coach education and development opportunities. This will benefit teachers, club coaches, and Coach Developers, allowing for enhanced learning and support.

3. Promoting the impact of PGL. Working together, PGL and BF aim to highlight the positive influence of fencing on young people’s lives. Fencing, already one of the most popular activities provided by PGL, is increasingly recognised as a catalyst for change and personal growth.

Charlotte Yates, Partnerships Manager at PGL, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that:

“We’re thrilled to be official partners with British Fencing for 2023 and beyond. Our purpose here at PGL is to enrich young people’s lives and to inspire confidence, pushing limits to help them achieve great things. This aligns so closely with British Fencing’s own aspiration to help unlock children’s potential, creating positive experiences and building motivation. With fencing now on offer at every one of our 15 centres across the UK, we’re able to give even more young people the opportunity to enjoy the inclusive world of swordplay and perhaps discover a new passion which may last a lifetime”.

James Craig, Commercial Director at BF, expressed gratitude for the commitment and investment from PGL, highlighting the mutually beneficial nature of the partnership. He emphasised that “the knock-on effect to coach education and our work in We Are Forging Futures will be tremendous. With PGL as ‘The Official Have-a-go Partner’ we will have a partner that is eager to enhance their delivery by leveraging their resources (venue, people and equipment) to amplify our work with young people. In partnership, we can expect to get out into communities to provide opportunities for fencing like we have never been able to achieve before”.

BF and PGL believe that fencing offers not only a positive experience but also challenges young people’s self-perception, enhancing their motivation and confidence. By aligning with We Are Forging Futures, they aim to enrich the lives of young people and erode the narrative of sporty versus non-sporty, creating an inclusive and engaging environment.

We are excited to witness the positive outcomes of this partnership and the continued growth and impact of fencing on young individuals.

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