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A new poor practice reporting form gives people in the community an opportunity to raise poor practice incidents or concerns for BF to look into and provide policy reminders, training and education to ensure our sport continues to be safe, fun and welcoming to all.

This form is intended to supplement the sport integrity, complaints and disciplinary forms that already exist on the BF website here.

On a regular basis members of our community raise with us minor poor practice concerns at an early stage so that BF can provide policy reminders, training and education. These concerns frequently relate to safety breaches (e.gg competitive fencing wearing shorts) but could also relate to welfare – for example,  something that they have seen on social media that makes them uncomfortable.  It can also relate to minor BF policy breaches.

By putting in place a form and a procedure around this we hope to encourage more people to raise poor practice concerns with us at an early stage, which can help us prevent a more serious problem arising. We also hope to identify where there might be a need for wider community education and training on certain topics.

Sometimes you may not know which form to fill in – and there is no exact method to determine whether something might be a poor practice concern or a more serious issue. The most important thing is to report it on one of the available forms and BF will look into it and re-route it appropriately if required.



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