01/01/2014- Latest News

Following a further weekend of rigorous testing by the World Class Programme Team just before Christmas, we are delighted to announce the next cohort of athletes selected on to one of our two Talent Programmes.

The successful athletes are:

Talent Programme:

Chloe Dickson – Foil

George Hendrie – Foil

Rubin Amsalam – Sabre

Talent Identification & Confirmation (TIC) Programme:

Nick Beaumont – Epee

Francesca Summers – Epee

Matthew Abrahams – Foil

Harry Bird – Foil

Ruth Clarke – Foil

Katrina Felixstova – Foil

Toby Lee – Foil

James Page – Foil

Brynmar Saunders – Sabre

There are now a total of eleven Talent Athletes (two epee, five foil, four sabre) and twenty-six Talent Identification and Confirmation Athletes (eight epee, thirteen foil, five sabre) on the Programme.

Head of Pathway Development, Joanna Cook said; “We are delighted to welcome a new cohort of talented athletes to join those in our two talent Programmes.  These athletes showed great potential across the various assessment tests and we look forward to working with them.”

Alex Newton, Performance Director added; “I would like to congratulate all the athletes that have been nominated on to one of the two Programmes.  I was impressed with the level of athletes that we assessed and look forward to watching them develop and grow as athletes and fencers.”

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