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Beth Davidson, Fencing@Home Founder, has recently partnered up with Pilates teacher Victoria Enaut to provide online pilates classes for fencers.

Victoria’s classes are specifically designed to help fencers with good movement technique, increased range of movement and stability so as to help them with injury prevention and rehabilitation. Her next class will be held on Saturday 15th July at 10am UK time and booking is open.

Beth Davidson says,

“It’s a great opportunity to collaborate with Victoria and her expertise in pilates to help fencers stay fit! Her insights into how our body can function better to improve and avoid injuries fit perfectly to our core aims of the channel. Fencers around the world have been accessing these classes via Zoom, as recordings are available and links to exercises to follow at anytime!”

Victoria is a Body Control Pilates teacher with over 9 years’ experience of teaching movement. She took up fencing as a hobby over a year ago and quickly became interested in applying her knowledge of movement to the requirements of the sport, so as to help her fellow fencers with injury prevention and rehabilitation. She added,

“My focus is on increasing fencers’ performance by reinforcing good movement habits and improving their technical and physical fitness in a way that is most effective and efficient. I want to help fencers increase the range of movement of their hips, shoulders and spine and increase the stability of their ankles and knees. This in turn will feed into their general agility, balance and endurance!”

Victoria is also keen to help set off the muscular imbalances caused by the asymmetrical nature of the sport, so as to make sure fencers are able to go about your daily life and enjoy your other hobbies injury and pain free.

Email [email protected] if you wish to access the recording of the first two classes, “An Introduction to Pilates for Fencers” and “Functional Movement for Controlled, Mobile Hips”. Find out more about her via her website and Instagram.


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