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This week’s recommendation is an episode of the Experts in Sport Podcast, discussing disordered eating and whether it is common at elite level. Please note this episode contains a discussion of disordered eating and may not be suitable for all listeners.

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Recommended by: Marjorie Kuhne, Business Administrator

Why did you recommend this podcast?

“This podcast is pertinent as it reminds us that eating disorders and disordered eating are real issues in the sports world, and certainly not restricted to aesthetic and weight-class sports.

“The discussion is led by scholars of Loughborough University and includes the story of a male rugby player who developed anorexia nervosa after recovering from an injury, and explains the different ways disordered eating can manifest and change over time. By learning how to read the signs that something is not right, and removing misconceptions about eating disorders, we can become a more supportive community to the individuals dealing with them.

Please note, this episode discusses disordered eating and may not be suitable for all listeners. If you are need support please consider the resources available on our Are You OK? page here.

Every week a member of the BF Team will recommend a podcast. The subject matter will vary (but will be related to sport!) so we hope that over the weeks there will be something for all our members, no matter where their interest or involvement in fencing lies.

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