30/03/2017- Latest News

British Fencing is always seeking new opportunities to work in partnership with organisations to offer positive fencing experiences to a variety of audiences.  British Fencing is delighted to be working alongside Southwark Council and London Southbank University (LSBU) to offer an 8-week fencing experience to local children as part of LSBUs’ community activity programme.  During the Easter holidays, children from the surrounding areas will be able to try their hand at our sport and sign up to the upcoming programme that starts in May.

Southwark Council and LSBU successfully applied to London Sport in the final round of Sportivate funding to be able to offer this programme and brilliantly illustrated the impact, sustainability and partnership working required for the project to be successful.

A requirement of the award from London Sport is to ensure the sessions are sustainable after the 8-week programme has finished.  To ensure the continuation of the programme, we are looking to imbed fencing into the LSBU sport programme and create a social fencing club for children and their parents to attend.  To assist the running of the club, funding has been set aside for plastic fencing equipment and continual coach development to secure the future of the project. 

This is an exciting project that starts just next week and if you would like to have further discussions around how this project first started, please contact Josef Thomas, Regional Liaison Officer at British Fencing.

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