04/12/2019- Selection

Query on GBR Junior Selection Policy 2019/20 and selection criteria for Junior Europeans and Worlds – Official Response

It is has been formally raised with BF that there is an error in the wording on the GBR Junior Selection Policy 2019/20 and this has been passed to an independent representative (independent Chair of BF) to review.

The independent representative has reviewed the email query raised along with an email from the parent of another fencer that could be affected. He has also reviewed the published selection policies, consultations made on those, the published calendar of events and raised a number of points for clarification with BF.

He has found that the GBR Junior Selection Policy refers to “FIE nominated events” (para 6.1/33/34) but the associated calendar of nominated events includes an EFC (not FIE) event (London Cup) in Foil. In addition the table in para. 40 relating to qualification points awarded for results at international nominated events, refers to “JWC” but the associated calendar of nominated events includes a satellite world cup in Sabre (Ghent). Both events are clearly identified as an international nominated event in the calendar and the Selection Policy does refer to this calendar as part of the policy. No evidence has been presented showing either event elsewhere as not being nominated, or any other evidence that there is any intention or precedent for not awarding qualification points for international nominated events. Both events have been included in the list of nominated events since the list was published. During the consultation on the Selection policy, which included the calendar with both events identified as international nominated events, the inconsistency in wording was not identified and was only identified to BF after the London Cup had taken place. The consultation was also posted on a BF Facebook page headed “C&J Calendar Consultation”. BF staff have indicated that it was always the intention that the London Cup and the Ghent satellite would be included as international nominated events and therefore treated as nominated internationals have always been ie both ranking points and qualification points can be awarded. All fencers interested in qualification attended the London Cup.

Therefore it is found that it is correct to interpret the Selection Policy that both the EFC London Cup and Ghent satellite events are nominated international events with regards to both ranking and qualification points for selection purposes.

Although it has been confirmed (above) that both events will be used as a nominated events (with regards to both ranking and qualification points) and no evidence has been presented to the independent representative that any fencer thought that the London Cup was not a nominated event before the event took place or at any stage for the Ghent event, he wants to hear from any fencers that did not think that either of these were standard nominated events. So if any fencer believed that either event was not a standard nominated event before it took place, they are asked to present evidence of that to the BF Head Office prior to 11th Dec 2019.

Head Office can be contacted at [email protected].


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