07/04/2014- Latest News

Six times British epee champion Ralph Johnson will appear in ITV’s new 6-week series, ‘Amazing Greys’, starting on Saturday 12th April. ITV says: “This brand new show, hosted by Paddy McGuinness and Angela Rippon, sees young contestants take on some of the country’s most talented pensioners. Each of the Amazing Greys has an incredible talent which they have spent a lifetime perfecting. Be it physical, mental or something completely unique to them, each will give their all as the contestants take them on.

The contestants will face a maximum of three Amazing Greys. If they can beat two of the three, they’ll leave with £10,000. If they don’t, they leave with nothing.”

Ralph competes on both 3rd May (4th programme) and 17th May (6th programme) and also appears as a reserve on 26th April (3rd programme). He cannot reveal the results or who the other Amazing Greys are (a number of them are household names), so make sure you watch!

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