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Reminder for event organisers that a Ranking Event Levy will be introduced for all ranking events from August 2022, previously delayed from 2020.

Following a 2-year delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the proposed Ranking Event Levy will be introduced to support volunteer training and development in all Home Nations from August 2022.

The original news article, published in December 2019 can be found here.

Key summary points

  • A levy of £5 will be invoiced to event organisers for Senior Ranking events which are not run through the BF Event Platform (Sport:80)
  • A levy of £3 per entrant to a Cadet, Junior, or Senior Ranking competition will be taken at the point of entry when using the BF Event Platform (Sport:80). As a reminder, it is a requirement that all Cadet and Junior event entries are taken through the BF Event Platform (Sport:80)

This levy will be primarily used to subsidise activities to upskill, grow and support our volunteer workforce including event organisers to ensure that we can continue to support quality competitions (both those run by BF and club) across the country in the future. BF will work with the Home Nations to ensure that the levies are invested in support and training for the benefit of all Home Nations.

The levy, taken at point of entry on the BF Event Platform (Sport:80), will go directly to BF (minus the platform/stripe fees), with the remaining entry fee (minus the platform/stripe fees) going to the organiser’s Stripe account. For competitions where entries are not taken on the BF Event Platform, competition organisers will be invoiced BF after the event.

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