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Ranking Multipliers published for the 2021-22 Cadet and Junior Ranking Competitions including the July B BRCs.

For domestic ranking events in the Cadet and Junior 2021/2022 season the following Ranking Multipliers will be used:

Multiplier* Event/Format**
70 ‘B’ BRC’s using progressive poules** format
100 ‘B’ BRC’s using two rounds of poules and Direct Elimination (with or without repechage)
175 A’ BRC’s
180 – 225 Nominated Senior Opens (Juniors points only)
200 Cadet & Junior Championships
225 Under 23 National Championships
300 Senior National Championships (Junior points only)

* Ranking points for a result are calculated by the taking the placing points and multiplying by a number – ‘the Ranking Multiplier’ – that represents the relative value of the competition. (See points table below)

**BF reserves the right to introduce other formats

*** Progressive Poules – The progressive poules format is a pilot and at this time is only being used for the Cadet Men’s Foil Competition in the Leon Paul Centre. (Click here for more information).

All other July B BRCs will be using 2 rounds of poules followed by direct elimination and the multiplier will therefore be 100.

An indication of the likely multipliers for international events will be published on weapon-specific fencing competition calendars created by the ADP once BRC, FIE and EFC competition calendars are finalised.

Due to the continued impact of Covid on venue availability, travel and competition calendars, BF reserves the right (for both domestic and international events) to change the event and the indicative multipliers if events are cancelled or rescheduled, significantly restricted in size (in comparison to the ranking lists) or fall outside of the expected competition standards.

For an indicative look at how these multipliers impact ranking points please see the following table. This level of detail is intended to support athletes when reviewing their competition and training plans.

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