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British Fencing operates a register of qualified referees and referee examiners. This is designed to ensure that both referees and competition organiser maintain the quality and integrity of refereeing at British Fencing events, along with good practice at all times.

The register will be published monthly (from May 2015) under the dropdown section on the main website entitled “Workforce” (previously “courses”) . This will allow competition organisers to check credentials prior to inviting a referee to a competition.

Competition organisers need to be aware that the referee (whether qualified or not) should be a member of BF. If the referee is not a member of BF, in the event of an incident the competition may not be covered by BF’s insurance policy. Social membership is sufficient.

By being on the register a referee has agreed to the British Fencing code of conduct for referees, and, where necessary, (i.e. referee for the international youth squads) have up to date appropriate DBS, and safeguarding certificates.  How to become a referee.

Forward any updated copies of exam passes and documents to:
[email protected]

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