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The Nominations Committee welcome applications from individuals interested in joining the Coaching Committee.

The role of the Coaching Committee is to work with the Development Director on specific projects. These projects will help deliver the Board Strategy through the creation of programmes capable of training, accrediting and supporting coaches and coach educators to achieve British Fencing’s long term goals.

Interested applicants should familiarise themselves with the draft Terms of Reference and provide details of applicable skills and experience using the application form below.

In addition to their skills and experience, successful applicants will also be able to demonstrate the following personal characteristics:

  1. Broad Minded – willingness to listen to others, work proactively with new ideas and concepts,  willing to explore new and different ways of achieving goals, open to engage in constructive criticism.
  2. Positivity – belief that the strategic goals that BF have set can be achieved.  A genuine love of fencing and desire to inspire others to get involved and be successful at all levels.
  3. Good networking skills – willingness to engage extensively with coaches, ability to bring together different groups of people from within the coaching community, happy to work with views even if they differ from own.
  4. No elitism – belief that fencing and fencing coaching should be open to all and it’s future isn’t ‘owned’ by any single person or body.

Word Application FormPDF Application Form

Closing date for applications: Tuesday 7th May

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