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Highlighting staff, role and process changes within the ADP including an update on how best to contact us going forwards.

Contact Us – Changes 

In order to create a more efficient process to support the community in a timely, consistent and accurate way, we have two ways for ADP athletes and wider members of the GBR community (coaches, parents etc) to contact us for information:

  1. For general support/international competition administration/urgent queries email us – [email protected]
  2. For feedback and questions – use the pathway/ADP queries  form.

The intention is that BF will then be able to direct your queries to the right person in the organisation (including ADP coaches if necessary) to help you/answer your queries. Over time it will also help us understand where we need to communicate better and reduce the time that ADP coaches spend managing and directing questions that fall outside their remits.

Olympic Team Manager – Role Change

For the remainder of the 2024 Olympic qualification period, Olympic Team Manager (Johnny Davis) will be focusing on supporting:

  1. Individual and team athletes working toward direct Paris qualification
  2. Specific foil athletes with 2028 Los Angeles as the potential milestone event
  3. Athletes on track to represent GBR at the Zonal competition in Luxembourg in April 2024.

This means Johnny is stepping back from activities within the annual ADP programme.

We are currently in the annual programme planning phase and are/will be discussing with the ADP coaches about the roles that they will be taking in the forthcoming season. More information will be available shortly.

Thus any questions or requests outside this brief should not be sent to Johnny or the ADP Coaches but to the  GBR Support email – [email protected] or via the pathway/ADP queries smartsheet. and someone from the ADP Team will come back to you.

New GBR Administrator

Welcome to Denise Johnson who has taken up the role of GBR Administrator, Denise will be supporting the GBR international competition programme.  Denise has been undertaking some training and system orientation days in the last few weeks and will start full time in September.

Any question regarding international competitions should go to the  GBR Support email.



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