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London based, Husayn Rosowsky, 20, won the Leon Paul International last weekend with some stunning fencing.  Starting with a field of 142 fencers, Rosowsky won all but one of his first round matches, losing to Italian Paroli.

He then comfortably beat Zabicki (POL) 15-3 and then another Polish fencer Franceson 15-12.  An extremely close match followed this in the round of 32 against compatriot Tofalides.  “Non-combativity” was called in all three periods of fencing and the fight went into a “priority” minute with the score 2-1 to Rosowsky.  (When this rule is invoked in the final period a full minute of fencing is played out, with priority established as normal.  The fight will only end if one fencer reaches 15 hits and if the score is level at the end of the minute the fencer with priority wins.)  Tofalides played a risk but extremely brave game which very nearly paid off.  He waited until the last 7 seconds of the fight before becoming active and levelled the scores with 2 seconds on the clock.  Rosowsky had no choice but to go for it and scored the winning hit as time ran out.

A much more straight forward win of 15-6 against Anen (LUX) followed and then a clever change of tactics saw him beat Paroli (ITA), who beat him in the first round, 15-6.  A semi-final against Soloviev (RUS) followed who looked to be the man to beat.  Rosowsky won the fight 15-11, looking relaxed and hitting his opponent with lightening attacks and well timed counter-attacks.  The final, which was disturbed by technical issues, was against Biondo (ITA).  An extremely composed and intelligent fight from the British fencers saw him win 15-8 to take the title.

After the victory, he said: “Today was a challenge and I relished every minute of it. This was my first event since the World Student Games where I was a quarter-finalist so it was good to follow that with this win.”

His coach, Mark Nelson-Griffiths added: “This is a great result for Husayn and just what is needed as he starts his build up to the Senior International season. He fences intelligently, listens to advice and applies himself with great focus. He has great speed of hand and he has strong legs which allows him to stop and change direction and/or to assess whether to finish attacks or not. It is great working with him and I feel there is much more tiger in this tank yet.”

Keith Cook, continued his fine pre-season, winning a bronze medal placing.  He fell to Italian, Biondo, 15-13 and said afterwards, “This was Ideal preparation for the British Championships next weekend in Sheffield.  I am confident and fencing well with winning Amsterdam and a 3rd in the Leon Paul cup.  I have a lot more to give and I’m looking forward to going into the competition as raining British Champion.”

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