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British Fencing achieves intermediate status

British Fencing has now met the NSPCC CPSU’s (Child Protection in Sport Unit) Intermediate Safeguarding Standards which is critical to our ongoing funding from Sport England.

This important body of work was led by British Fencing’s Equality and Safeguarding Manager, Liz Behnke, who developed a portfolio of evidence that proved that we met the criteria.  The resulting support from Sport England means that we are able to deliver more work to encourage more people to take up the sport of fencing.  As we increase participation, we improve our chances of developing talent and thus our potential for winning medals on the international stage.

Commenting on achieving these standards, Liz Behnke said; “We now have a clear safeguarding framework in place that is there to protect everyone involved in fencing – fencers, coaches, officials and volunteers.  We want people to enjoy fencing in an environment that makes them want to come back week after week.  This means we need more excellent coaches, officials and volunteers in place, all of whom will need support.  Having a safe environment for people in which they can fence increases the chances of them staying in the sport.”

British Fencing is now moving into the essential part of putting this all into action including implementing a comprehensive training programme, much of which will be delivered through the Regional Hubs using two vehicles:- 

  1. 1.    En Garde. Ready? is British Fencing’s recently launched comprehensive Welfare Park which we encourage all clubs to adopt and can be downloaded here.  We have developed an interactive workshop to bring this to life and to allow people across the sport to develop their understanding about what a safeguarded environment looks like in fencing.  This workshop is suitable for parents, committee members, volunteers in fencing, officials and many more.
  2. 2.    Time to Listen is a three-hour workshop for Club Welfare Officers – a crucial part of the safeguarding network.  British Fencing is encouraging all clubs, especially those with junior members, to appoint a Welfare Officer.  Time to Listen builds on the pre-requisite course – Safeguarding and Protecting Children (run by Sports Coach UK) to equip Welfare Officers with the knowledge to undertake this role.

For further information please contact your Regional Hub Lead Officer.

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