11/12/2014- Latest News

British Fencing is committed to encouraging and developing its International and would be International Referees.

As a part of this concept British Fencing is pleased to announce that Claus Janka (President of the FIE Arbitrage) has agreed to deliver a Refereeing Seminar in London on the weekend of the 7th and 8th March 2015.

This Notice is to advise you of the date and ask for a confirmation of your interest in taking part.

Please contact BF ([email protected]) indicating your interest in attending the Seminar, at the same time could you please also provide the following details so that British Fencing and I have the correct information on file. 



Referee qualifications

Weapons You Referee

Referee experience 2013/14

Future plans and ambitions

What would you like the pathway to do for you and how can it best help you become a top international referee.

You may be able to apply to BF for funding to help with the expenses of attending this training – details on how to apply will follow when I have them. 

This is a new and exciting initiative, which is why I have agreed to undertake its development. Please join with me to build a new programme for the mentoring and advancement of both existing and future International Referees.

Mike Thornton

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