20/11/2020- Scottish Fencing

Scottish Fencing publish Level 0-4 Return to Fencing Update

Scottish Fencing publish updated guidance (16 November) following further clarification from Scottish Government.

(Original article posted here on Scottish Fencing’s website, full guidance is available here.)

Updates to guidance as follows:

1. Section 9: Travel

Includes further clarity on travel for Level 4 (5 mile guidance) and there is an update to travel for Level 3 (5 mile guidance).

Under 18s can travel to and from Level 0, 1, 2 & 3 areas to take part in organised sport. However it is still strongly recommended they train locally where possible.

2. Section 40.

Includes further clarity on allowable travel for coaches and officials. Note clubs need to mitigate and update risk assessments if this guidance is relevant to them.

 3. Section 46. 

Wording updated to include those supporting disabled participants in their sporting activity.

Full guidance is available here.


The Scottish Fencing staff team are still around and happy to answer queries, please do reach out to the team using [email protected] or check the Scottish Fencing contacts page for specific email addresses and phone numbers of the team.

Both Scottish Fencing and British Fencing are working hard to answer your questions and continue to work with our stakeholders to identify opportunities for increased fencing activity to take place. Thank you to everyone for their patience so far.


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