18/05/2022- Selection

Senior European Championships 2022 Selections

BF is delighted to announce the Squad for the upcoming Championships which will be held in Antalya, Turkey from the 17th to 22nd June 2022.

At the selection meeting, it was reaffirmed with the selectors that selection for the Senior Europeans is:

  • Based on meeting the selection policy qualification standard
  • Fencers  who have not met the qualification standard could be selected for a team

Congratulations to all the athletes and their coaches.

Athletes selected (listed alphabetically by surname):

ME BROOKE  Alec (T) Accepted
ME CHOONG Joe (Q) Declined
ME EAST William (Q) Accepted
ME GROVER Elliott (T) Accepted
ME ANDREWS Ben (R) Accepted
WE HIDE Victoria (T) Accepted
WE LAWSON Danielle (T) Accepted
WE SICA Susan (Q) Accepted
WE SMITH-TAYLOR Kat (T) Accepted
MF ARCHER Kristjan (Q) Accepted
MF DAVIS James-Andrew (Q) Accepted
MF DE ALMEIDA Dominic (Q) Accepted
MF MEPSTED Marcus (Q) Accepted
WF BEARDMORE Kate (T) Accepted
WF CAMPBELL Yasmin (T) Accepted
WF STUTCHBURY Carolina (T) Accepted
WF CHART Yvonne (R) Accepted
MS DEARY William (Q) Accepted
MS HALLIWELL Barnaby (T) Accepted
MS HAYNES Luke (T) Accepted
MS WEBB Jonathan (T) Accepted
WS CHART Maria (T) Accepted
WS DAVIS Alexandra (T) Accepted
WS MAXWELL Caitlin (Q) Accepted
WS POTTER Sophia (T) Accepted

Q = Qualified, T = Selected via the Team, R = Reserve

Sport 80 invites will be sent during the week commencing 2nd May.

Further event and travel information click here 

Senior European Championships Selection Panel 2022

The members of the panel were:

Steve Kemp – Chair
Rob Cawdron – Sabre recommendations
Jonny Davis  – Foil recommendations
Ian Lichfield – Epee recommendations
Mike McKay – Lead Foil Rep -GBR Selection Panel
Nick Fletcher –  Lead Sabre Rep – GBR Selection Panel
Lindsay Bottoms – Lead Epee Rep – GBR Selection Panel Rep
Kate O’Connell – GBR Selection Panel  Rep
Kola Abidogun – GBR Selection Panel  Rep
Hugh Kernohan – GBR Selection Panel Rep
Dusty Miller – Independent Observer
Rob Cawdron  – Minutes, data and insight

Weapon Selectors – Pre Selection Meeting Panels
Mike McKay –  GBR Selection Panel Rep
Anthony Crutchett – GBR Selection Panel Rep
Lindsay Bottoms – GBR Selection Panel Rep
Kate O’Connell – GBR Selection Panel  Rep
Kola Abidogun – GBR Selection Panel  Rep
Hugh Kernohan – GBR Selection Panel Rep
Mariette Mason  – GBR Selection Panel Rep
Joanna Braine  – GBR Selection Panel Rep

The panel met on 17th May 2022.

For fencers that did not meet the qualification standard for selection, the selection panel took a number of discretionary factors from the selection policy into account including:

  1. Team Weapon Strategy
  2. Performance Trajectory (International Results % finishes)
  3. BF Pathway Stage Assessment and development trajectory to 2024/2028/2032 Olympic Games

For Appeals and Complaints please read below – please note selections are subject to appeal

Appeals & Complaints (Section 13 – extract from the Selection Policy)

  1. Any athlete who has not achieved the eligibility criteria and qualifying performance standards for automatic selection for any International Competitions or Major Championships shall have no right of appeal against non-selection for these competitions.
  2. Any athlete who has not completed and submitted a ‘GBR Discretionary Selection Form’, shall have no right of appeal against non-selection for these competitions.
  3. Any athlete who has not provided a completed Athlete Assessment Form (submitted as part of the Selection Application Form where applicable), shall have no right of appeal against non-selection for these competitions.
  4. Submitting the Selection Application Form is the opportunity for the athlete to provide any relevant data to the Selection Panel. An athlete shall have no right of appeal against non-selection on the grounds that the data supplied by the athlete was missing or inaccurate.

This selection has been published in a timely manner to allow for those competing to book travel and make preparations.

Where there is a disappointment to manage, we would request that all parents and coaches support open conversations which form an important aspect of the athlete development journey and will provide the opportunity to better understand the selection decision and the route to future selection.

Whilst we understand that selection decisions can generate significant emotion, we would ask that parents and coaches do not behave in ways that might constitute abuse or harassment to BF staff, selectors and coaches.  This includes repeated calling, messaging, emailing and making personal threats. Any such behaviour will be reported for disciplinary action.

Queries about selection?

If you have any questions relating to this post, please submit them to us via the form here and a member of the ADP team will come back to you.

If there are any outstanding queries you should email Steve Kemp E: [email protected] cc’ing your personal coach.

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