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16th – 21st June 2018, Novi Sad, Serbia

Website: www.eurofencingns2018.com/index.php/en/

Safety Committee Notice about Masks


Please note: Selection emails have gone out to selected Athletes.

To accept your selection please follow the link to log into the platform, click on the event and follow the entry process to pay the deposit amount shown by Midnight 25th April 2018.



Men’s Sabre:
1. James Honeybone
2. Will Deary
3. JJ Webb
4. Curtis Miller
Reserve:  James Edwards  


Women’s Sabre: 
1. Aliya Itzkowitz
2. Caitlin Maxwell
3. Sarah Jane Hampson
4. Kate Daykin
Reserve : Jess Corby 


Women’s Epee:    
1. Kat Smith
2. Julie Henson
3. Danielle Lawson
4. Hannah Nesbitt
Reserve: Hannah Lawrence


Men’s Epee:   
1. Paul Sanchez Lethem
2. Greg Allen
3. Phil Marsh
4. Harrison Nichols
Reserve Owen Jordan


Men’s Foil:
1. Richard Kruse (individual only)
2. Marcus Mepstead
3. James Davis
4. Ben Peggs
Reserve for individual and 4th for team: Keith Cook  


Women’s Foil:   
1.  Kate Beardmore
2.  Yvonne Chart
3.  Katie Smith
4.  Ayesha Fihosy
Reserve Chloe Dickson


13/4/18 – Any unqualified athlete that declines selection for the team will automatically be de-selected from the individual event.

Coaches (last updated 21/05)

GB Coaches (confirmed so far)
Jon Salfield (M&WS)
John Rees (WE)
Oana Puiu (ME)
Alex Beardmore (WF)

Authorised Personal Coaches (confirmed so far)
Dan Kellner (Marcus Mepstead)

ALL coaches must abide by the relevant BF policies including – http://britishfencing.com/uploads/files/gbr_coaches_policy_v1.0[1].pdf and http://britishfencing.com/uploads/files/coaches_code_of_conduct.pdf


Official Tracksuits

Available here – http://www.britishfencingshop.com/seniorgb.html



Next Steps

If you are NOT intending to take up your selection please contact [email protected] cc’ing [email protected] ASAP.

Check that your email address in the BF membership platform is up to date as we will be using this to contact you – https://bf.sport80.com/

You will be required to accept selection by making a payment online by a deadline date (tbc).  The size of this payment will depend on whether the hotel and entry fees are required to be paid by the organisers in advance. We will contact you via email with the payment link once this is available. 

17/04/2018 The payment is expected to be approximately £360 which will include 6 nights (twin room accommodation) and individual entry fees. The payment deadline is expected to be set in the week of 23/04/2018 – please note payment link is not yet live.

Please check back to this page regularly for information updates.


General Information

The team hotel will be http://www.eurofencingns2018.com/index.php/en/hotel/hotel-aleksandar-4-stars


  • The Chef de Mission for the event will be Johnny Davis.
  • Athletes will be expected to stay at the nominated official hotel.  Based on the information we have, athletes should initially budget for around £35-40 per person per night.
  • As a minimum athletes will be expected to check-in to the hotel two nights before they compete and leave the day after their last event.
  • Athletes should book and pay for their own flights. 
  • If you want to use official transfers we will ask you to provide flight details by a deadline date (tbc).
  • Entry fees are 130 euros per individual event and 300 euros per team events.
  • Personal Coaches wishing to join the squad must seek authorisation in advance by emailing [email protected]


British Fencing will cover the costs of the Chef de Mission.

In addition the following monies have been pledged so far:

  • Foil – MF team entry fee (BF Charity). Up to £500 to cover the cost of 1 foil coach (BF Charity)
  • Sabre – MS team entry fee (Patron).  Up to £1000 to cover the cost of 1 sabre coach (£500 BF Charity, £500 Sabre Fund)
  • Epee – WE & ME team entry fees (Epee Club).  Up to £1000 to cover the cost of 1 epee coach (Epee Club)

BF will be trying to raise additional money to cover all the team entry fees and send a coach in each of the three weapons. Over and above that all monies raised will be split between the athletes competing.

We have set up a page to collect donations for the event on the BF Charity website here:


You can either choose to share that page or set up your own fundraising pages which links to that page. You may be able to use your fundraising pages to target donations to particular weapons if you like. The advantage of collecting donations through the BF Charity is that they will be eligible for gift aid.

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