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2013 senior season kicks of in Qatar and Bulgaria

The 2013 senior Grand Prix and World Cup season started at the weekend with the Great Britain’s fencers competing in an Epee tournament in Doha, Qatar and a Sabre event in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.  Despite the extreme weather conditions all fencers made it to their respective competitions.

Men’s Epee Grand Prix, Doha

Our sole representative in the men’s epee Grand Prix was Nick Perry who competed in a total field of 119.  A tough start to the season saw him win only one out of five fights in the first round which meant that he didn’t make the cut.  He was placed 102nd.  The event was won by Boczko (HUN) who defeated Avdeev (RUS) 15-10 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Blaszyck (FRA) and Novosjolov (EST).

Women’s Epee World Cup, Doha

Doha was also the venue for a women’s epee World Cup in which Britain were represented by Lindsay Bottoms, Corinna Lawrence and Leonora MacKinnon in a field of 121.  A slow start saw Bottoms winning two of her six fights, Lawrence winning two out of five fights and MacKinnon winning just one out of six fights.  Only Lawrence made the cut through to the round of 64 where she faced the tough prospect of World number 8, Sozanska (GER).  Lawrence produced an accomplished display to over come the German 15-11.  She then faced the much taller Kuusk (EST) in the round of 32.  She fell behind early on and never got into the fight eventually losing 15-4.

The event was won by Xu (CHN) who beat Branza (ROU) 9-8 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Geroudet (SUI) and Rembi (FRA).

GB Placings:  Lawrence 32nd, Bottoms 91st & MacKinnon 105th.

Men’s Sabre Grand Prix, Plovdiv

The final action from the first week of the senior international season took place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.  Michael Clarke, Alex Crutchett, Anthony Crutchett, James Honeybone, Tom Mottershead and Mayuran Ratneswaren represented Great Britain in a field of 94.  Mottershead started well winning four of his six fights, Honeybone won three of his five fights, Alex Crutchett and Clarke took three from six, Anthony Crutchett two from five and Ratneswaren one from six.  Mottershead, Alex Crutchett and Honeybone all progressed to the round of 64 but Ratneswaren didn’t make the cut for the preliminary knockout round.  Clarke and Anthony Crutchett both had a fight to make the 64 but both lost to Olejnik (POL) 15-13 and Igoe (USA) 15-14.  On the second day, in the round of 64, Alex Crutchett was knocked out 15-11 by Samele (ITA), Motteshead was edged out 15-14 by Ochocki (USA) but Honeybone beat Gemesi (HUN) 15-14.  In the round of 32 he faced World number 25, Rousset (FRA).  He fell behind in the early stages but worked out how to fence the Frenchman.  Unfortunately it was too late and he went out 15-11.

The event was won by Ibragimov (RUS) who beat Dolniceanu (ROU) 15-7 in the final.  The bronze medals went to Wagner (GER) and Samele (ITA).

GB Placings:  Honeybone 30th, Mottershead 45th, Alex Crutchett 59th, Clarke 66th, Anthony Crutchett 68th & Ratneswaren 88th.

The 2013 season continues next weekend with a Women’s Sabre World Cup here in Britain, a Men’s Epee World Cup in Italy and a Men’s Foil World Cup in France.

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