21/06/2017- Latest News

As Senior Ranking lists will be the primary method of selection for Senior World Cups and Grand Prix each Selection Panel will publish a list of FIE World Cup selection dates alongside a note of which monthly ranking is to be used. (see list of publication dates here)

The earliest publication date for provisional monthly rankings is the first working day following the first full weekend after the last competition day (this is to ensure there is a few days for the result to come in, a weekend to allow the volunteers to do the work and a working day to allow HQ staff to assist in publication). 

It is important to note that not even FIE events will always be able to meet this timeline – the results are sometimes not uploaded immediately and even then are only “provisional” for a few days. 

All appeals and corrections should be notified within 5 working days of publication, and the aim is to resolve within 10 days of publication after which the rankings will be marked as confirmed and available for selection.

Peter Smith

Senior Rankings Manager

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