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Laura Sheffield claimed bronze in Grenoble

Cadet Women’s Epee – Grenoble

Fourteen British women were amongst the field of two hundred and eighteen in Grenoble at the weekend and there was another medal-winning performance from Laura Sheffield.

She came through two rounds of poules with eight victories and four defeats which earned her a bye through the round of 256.  She then beat Shichkina (RUS) 15-9, Villard (FRA) 15-7, Andreeva (RUS) 13-12 and Vermeulle (USA) to guarantee a medal.  Her semi-final, against Lentz (GER) was a tough one and she lost 15-10, sharing the bronze medal position with Aranat Murtazaeva (RUS).  Milen Bavuge (RUS) beat Greta Candreva (USA) to win the tournament.

Avery Louis and Alexandra Powell made the round of 32; Jasmine Heaps, Maia Henderson-Roe. Taylor Foxwell Miss, Charlotte Summers, Rachel Barnes and Elena Palano made the round of 128; Sarah Spice, Alex Stewart and Rachel Level were eliminated after the second round and Jacqueline Oien and Louise Sadler were knocked out in round one.

In a field of seventeen in the team event GBR 1 (Foxwell Moss, Powell & Avery) finished fourteenth and GBR 2 (Sadler, Spice, Lever & Henderson-Roe) sixteenth.  Russia 1 beat a mixed French-Swedish team for the title with USA 1 picking up the bronze medal.

Full individual results here.

Full team results here.

Under-23 Men’s Foil – Gdansk

Eighty-five fencers lined up at this event in Poland at the weekend including two from Great Britain.  Glen Ostacchini got the best result, finishing in the top 64.  He won four of his six first round fights but lost his first elimination fight 15-10 to Aheichyk (BLR).  Hugo Di Francesco also took part, winning two of his six poule matches which was not enough to qualify for the knockout stages.

Leszek Rajski (POL) won the title beating Michal Janda (POL) in the final.  It was an all-Polish podium as Andrzej Rzadkowski and Jakub Surwillo finished joint third.

Full results here.

Under-23 Women’s Foil – Gdansk

Rachel Kwok was Great Britain’s only entry into the women’s event in Gdansk in a field of sixty-one.  She managed one win from six first round matches which was not enough to qualify for the knockout stages.  Again it was an all-Polish podium with Hanna Lyczbinska taking the title from Malgorzata Wojtkowiak, Marika Chrzanowska and Martyna Jelinska.

Full results here.

Cadet Men’s Epee – Grenoble

There were fifteen British fencers entered into this event in a field of one hundred and seventy-seven.  Tarriq Roach emerged with the best result finishing in the top 12.  He won five of his six first round matches and went on to beat Fernandez Jimeno (ESP) 15-5 and Grandidier (FRA) 15-9 to make the round of 32.  With repechage then employed his defeat 12-11 to Dvir (ISR) meant that he still remained in the event.  He went on to beat Simonato (ITA) 15-11 and then Tassinari (ITA) 15-9 before losing 15-11 to Chotin (FRA).  Benjamin Andrews also made the round of 32, lost to Piskovatskov (USA) but then beat Herbst (USA) 15-14 before losing 15-13 to Raulo (FRA).  Billy Shepherd and Dominic Paul made the 64; Dylan Morrison, Murray Begley-Jones, Jack Bell, James Wake and Myles Ashforth made the round of 128 but Patrick Carey, Alexander Papadopoulous, Joshua Willcox, Jacob Foulsham, Toby May and Harry Baston-Hall did not make it out of the first round.

Jonathan Piskovatskov (USA) won the title beating Francesco Leone (ITA) in the final.  Davide Di Veroli (ITA) and Alan Temiryaev (USA) shared the bronze medal position.

In the team event GBR 1 (Baston-Hall, Bell, Paul & Willcox) did not make it through the poules stage.  GBR 2 ( Ashforth, Begley-Jones, Carey & Wake) did make it through but were knocked out by USA 1 in the round of 16.  USA 1 made it all the way to the final but were beaten by Italy 1.  Italy 2 and 4 shared the bronze medals.

Full individual results here.

Full team results here.

Cadet Men’s Foil – Cabries

Fifteen British fencers formed part of a massive field of two hundred and six in this men’s foil event.  It was a tough day for them too as only Brij Gautam, Douglas Ashby and Edmund Howlett made the round of 64.  Luca Plastow, Matthew Abrahams and Alessandro Gill made the round of 128, as Samuel Wilson, Isaac Jolley, Benjamin Stezaker and James Rutherford made the 256.  Anton Fenyk, Jacob Forey-Miller, Dan Summerfield, Ben Attias and Maximillian Deering did not make the first round cut.

Andrew Machovec (USA) won the title, beating Shimpei Matsubuchi (JPN) in the final as Kyota Kawamura (JPN) and Andrew Zheng (USA) claimed the bronze medals.

Great Britain entered two full teams and one team with Mexican fencer Tomasso Archilei who joined Forey-Miller and Attias in GBR 3.  The enormous field of 45 saw GBR 2 (Rutherford, Wilson & Summerfield) finish 42nd as GBR 3 finished 33rd.  GBR 1 (Jolley, Ashby & Howlett) won their two poules matches and then beat Paris TA 2 45-27 and Singapore 1 43-41 before losing 45-15 to USA 1.  They finished an impressive sixth.  USA 1 went on to win the tournament, beating France 1 in the final as Denmark shared the bronze medal position with Japan 1.

Full individual results here.

Full team results here.

Cadet Women’s Foil – Cabries

Fourteen British fencers were amongst the field of one hundred and ninety-eight at this French event.  Yasmin Campbell came away with the best result, finishing eleventh.  She won all six of her first round matches which earned her a bye through the incomplete round of 256.  She went on to beat Tam (SUI) 15-2, Tortelotti (ITA) 15-11 and Rossi (ITA) before losing 15-9 to Memoli (ITA) in the round of 16.  Isabella Gill and Mhairi McLaughlin made the 64 whilst Madeleine Brown, Arianna Balestrieri, Amy Home, Seville Babaeva, Tegan Williams-Stewart, Phoebe Newton-Hughes and Bronwen Granville all made the 128.  Emily Beardmore and Heloise Hardie were eliminate in the 256 and Henna Raiyat and Becci Curwen did not make it out of the poules.

Nathalie Minark (USA) won the event by beating Yuka Ueno (JPN) in the final as Amita Berthier (SIN) and Ever Marinelli (USA) collected the bronze medals.

In the team event including 30 entries GBR 1 (Babaeva, Granville, Hardie and Home) finished 14th and GBR 2 (Balestrieri, Beardmore and Curwen) 26th. USA 1 beat Japan 1 to claim the gold medal as Canada 1 and Russia 1 shared bronze.

Full individual results here.

Full team results here.

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