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International day of fencing emphasizes ‘Fencing Together, Universal Fencing’

LAUSANNE, Switz., May 8, 2017—The International Fencing Federation (FIE) announced the theme for the 2017 World Fencing Day will be ‘Solidarity’, to be recognized on Saturday, September 9.
‘Solidarity among the strong and the weak is an undeniable reality whether between continents, federations, or athletes,’ according to the FIE statutes. This vision must become real, and our common, singular motto is “Fencing Together, Universal Fencing”’.
The FIE is promoting worldwide participation in its theme, encouraging fencing country federations, zonal confederations, athletes, schools, clubs, and others to join in the festivities and activities. Numerous top-ranked, elite FIE fencers will be kindly requested to serve as ambassadors to World Fencing Day, helping lead via social media, multimedia, and personal appearances.
Whether demonstrating fencing in a public area and giving kids a chance to try fencing themselves in the FIE ‘Have a Go’ program, or helping to collect donations of used, good-quality fencing equipment and organizing donating them to those who cannot afford it, the goal overall is to bring as many people together around the world to experience the sport. The FIE will support the various events around the world with digital marketing materials, short videos, branding, and ensuring localities have what they need to make the day a success.
National federations, along with clubs in their regions, will be encouraged to use the Solidarity theme to develop and engage in social media campaigns, produce local news stories, involve athletes and club owners, and communicate with schools and municipalities.
There will be a media workshop at the 2017 Senior World Fencing Championships in Leipzig, Germany in July (date to be announced) for national federations and FIE athletes, and World Fencing Day will be addressed in the meeting. Information will be posted regularly on the FIE Facebook page, website (www.FIE.org), and via other social media.
For more information about World Fencing Day or to participate or contribute, please contact [email protected] at the FIE main office in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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