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Southampton Epee club receives Mars Milk Grant

£300 awarded to promote fencing

On 15th April 2013, British Fencing posted a story about funding grants being offered to organisations interested in increasing participation in sport by Mars Milk.  Having seen this story Southampton Epee club made an application for a grant online and soon received a telephone call to ask them how they would spend the money.  Just a few days later confirmation of the grant was made.

The club was launched last year and prior to receiving this grant ran epee sessions for adults of all standards.  The club will use the money to cover venue and marketing costs for a similar session for younger fencers.

Speaking about the award, Head Coach Andrew Norris said; “We are really looking forward to using this donation from the MARS Milk Fund to help bring epee fencing to young people in Southampton.”

The MARS Milk Fund, which runs from April 5 2013 until October 6 2013, has five £300 awards to donate every week to sports and hobby enthusiasts, clubs, projects, groups and simply people who want to play more.

The fund is open to residents of, and clubs and organisations based in the UK and Republic of Ireland only. Applicants must be 13 years or over and only one application will be accepted per person, club or organisation.

Applications to the fund can be made on the MARS Milk website www.marsmilk.com from April 5 2013.

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