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British Fencing has submitted the 2016 SportsAid nominations, nominated athletes will receive an email to complete an online nomination form and return before the end of November. Whilst SportsAid tries to support every athlete who is nominated, please note that they can only do so if they receive enough donations from supporters. So please remember that not receiving a SportsAid award is not a reflection on your performance.

In line with SportsAid’s objective to support the next generation of the UK’s brightest prospects who receive no other funding and rely on parents for support for all aspects of their training and competition, British Fencing’s criteria for nomination is outlined below.

National governing body (NGB)
British Fencing and the World Class Programme Performance Team nominates, as a priority, athletes from the Performance Foundations programme for Men’s Sabre, Men’s Foil, and Women’s Foil. U20 and U17 athletes in weapons not currently supported by the Performance Foundations Programme will be nominated on a discretionary basis from the GB Cadet and Junior squads. Typically to include the top ranked athletes in each of these weapons and age categories.

Nominees must not already be funded through the WCP Podium or Podium Potential programmes.  

The nomination process
SportsAid only supports unfunded athletes who are nominated by their sport’s national governing body. This ensures the right athletes get the right help at the right time – enhancing the sports’ talent development programmes rather than duplicating them. Nominations take place every autumn. You should contact your sport about whether you meet the criteria for the next round of SportsAid awards. Meeting the nomination criteria does not necessarily guarantee a SportsAid award because the charity can only distribute what it has fundraised.

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