27/09/2013- Latest News

Following an open consultation with members on the terms of reference, British Fencing sought applicants from the coaching community to create a Coaching Committee. 

Unfortunately the subsequent number of applicants was very low, and whilst the quality was high, we were left with specific gaps in knowledge and experience required to fulfil the strategic element of the responsibilities. We also received feedback from many other coaches who wanted to be involved but didn’t want to be on a committee.

We have therefore decided to do two things:

– Coaching Workgroup: For those who want to get actively involved in supporting the current coaching initiatives we will create a Coaching Workgroup, led by the Development Director.  This Workgroup will undertake specific tasks that will develop the qualifications in line with UKCC.

– Coaching Strategic Review: Georgina Usher, supported by Julia Bracewell will lead a strategic review with the intention of developing the right coaching strategy to enable us to deliver on our 2024 goals. There will be lots of opportunities to get involved, discuss and share your views, and we will also be seeking out specific input from the many experts we have.

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