29/01/2024- GBR Fencer


Sameer Sunder-Rajan claimed victory at the recent EFC Cadet Epee event, held in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Sameer with his mother Anita.


Seeded 3rd going into the competition, and then 13th into the first Direct Elimination round, Sameer earned a bye into the tableau of 128. After defeating Zara (TUR) 15-6, he went on to beat Waller (CZE) 15-9. In the tableau of 32, Sameer beat Skok (UKR) 15-8 before going on to defeat Versteijnen (NED) 15-12 and Stasovskyi (UKR) 15-10 in the last 16 and 8, respectively.

He then met Kelemen (HUN) in the semi-final, defeating him 15-12, before turning his attention to Gula (UKR) in the final. With a final score of 15-9, Sameer claimed gold at the competition.

Following his victory, Sameer said,

“The competition was extremely challenging pushing me mentally and physically with all the fencers giving it their all. I would like to thank the British Fencing ADP staff, and my club, Brixton Fencing Club for having patience and showing trust in my fencing. It’s such an honour to represent GBR.”

The gold medal is Sameer’s second this season, having previously claimed victory at Klagenfurt in October 2023.


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